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Is QuantaCase for You? The World’s Only RF Safe Approved Anti-Radiation Phone Case


Are you ready to experience the pinnacle of phone radiation protection without compromising on style or function? Introducing QuantaCase, the ultimate anti-radiation phone case designed to keep you safe in the sleekest way possible!

Design Precision Like No Other

Every feature of the QuantaCase is meticulously crafted with one goal: to minimize your radiation exposure while ensuring your phone operates at its lowest possible radiation output. This isn’t just a phone case—it’s a scientifically engineered shield designed with your safety in mind.

Say Goodbye to Metal Loops

Unlike many anti-radiation phone cases that include metal carrying strap loops, QuantaCase deliberately excludes them. Why? Because metal near your phone’s antenna can cause unpredictable radiation flux patterns around your head, increasing potential risks. At QuantaCase, we understand the science behind how mobile phones work and prioritize your safety by avoiding these harmful design elements.

The 5G Advantage

QuantaCase is future-ready with its uniquely shielded speaker hole, specifically designed for the 5G era. This ensures enhanced radiation protection and allows you to verify the shielding’s conductivity with a simple Ohmmeter. Competitors? They’d need to tear their cases apart to perform the same test. QuantaCase delivers superior protection and transparency in one sleek package.

One RFID-Blocking Slot: No Wallet By Design

With over 25 years of experience, we’ve learned that one RFID-blocking slot is optimal. Why? First, it ensures that the RF shielding aligns perfectly with the device’s front, reducing exposure without overloading the slot. Secondly, and crucially, adding more slots for cards and money discourages the proper use of shielding during texting or speakerphone use. These are the most recommended ways to use your phone safely, and having just one slot makes it easy to flip the cover inside out for optimal radiation protection. Using it as a wallet makes it less likely you’ll flip the cover properly, compromising your safety.

Innovative One-Finger Side Latch

Our one-finger side latch isn’t just for looks. It’s meticulously crafted to distance your thumb or finger from the phone’s side, reducing direct contact with radiation-emitting areas. This thoughtful design ensures that the front shielded cover remains securely fastened, prioritizing user safety without increasing the phone’s output power.

Ultra-Thin Design: Sleek Yet Powerful

Ever noticed how tree leaves can disrupt 5G signals? It’s due to their ability to obstruct high-frequency wavelengths. That’s why QuantaCase is the thinnest anti-radiation case available. A thicker case might cause your phone to increase output power to maintain a connection, leading to more radiation. But thin doesn’t mean flimsy! The materials chosen for QuantaCase are designed to last longer than traditional, much thicker cases. QuantaCase ensures optimal signal strength while minimizing radiation exposure, blending sleekness with durability.

Built-In Stand: Safety and Convenience

QuantaCase isn’t just about shielding; it’s about proactive protection. With a built-in landscape view stand, you can easily maintain a safe distance from your device during data-intensive tasks like streaming. Enjoy your content from a safe distance of at least a couple of feet with QuantaCase, blending convenience with safety.

Proper Use: Maximize Your Protection

  • During Calls: Close the radiation-shielding front flap after initiating or receiving a call to keep the shield between your body and the device.
  • Storing in Your Pocket: Ensure the shielded front flap faces your body, preferably in the back pocket, to deflect the most potent radiation.
  • Texting: Fold the flap behind the phone to shield your hand while maintaining a safe distance for the rest of your body.

By following these simple guidelines, you can maximize the benefits of QuantaCase and minimize radiation exposure during everyday phone use.

The Downside of Using Wallet Features

Using your anti-radiation phone case as a wallet might seem convenient, but it significantly reduces the effectiveness of the radiation shielding. Here’s why:

  • Discouraged Proper Use: The added bulk of cards and money discourages users from flipping the cover inside out, which is necessary for optimal radiation protection during texting and speakerphone use.
  • Compromised Shielding: When the shielding material isn’t positioned correctly, it fails to protect your hand from radiation, leading to increased exposure.

The Right Way to Use Your Anti-Radiation Case

  • Flipping the Cover Inside Out: Always flip the cover inside out to position the shielding material between your hand and the phone’s antenna when texting or using the speakerphone. This ensures that the radiation shielding is in the right place to protect your hand.
  • Avoid Using as a Wallet: By not using your case as a wallet, you are more likely to follow the proper procedure for using the shielding material, maximizing your protection.

Truthful Marketing and Real-World Radiation Protection

Radiation shielding, even when capable of blocking up to 99% of radiation, doesn’t translate directly into 99% protection in real-world use. Think of shadows—they aren’t voids of light but areas with reduced direct light. Similarly, a case claiming 99% protection based on its shielding capacity alone is misleading. QuantaCase focuses on practical and effective radiation protection, designed to let users orient the most shielded part towards the most intense radiation, ensuring effective redirection.

Why Should You Be RF Safe to Be Sure?

Cell phone radiation is classified internationally as a Class 2B carcinogen. Major studies, including the Interphone, Hardell, Serenat, US National Toxicology Program, Ramazzini Institute, REFLEX Project, and BioInitiative Report, all point to increased health risks from cell phone-level electromagnetic radiation. Today’s wireless technology presents significant health concerns due to outdated antenna technology, excess RF exposure, and untested microwave frequency modulations. Each new generation of wireless networks amplifies these concerns, making it essential to take steps to reduce cell phone radiation exposure.

The QuantaCase Difference

  • No Metal Loops: Ensures no interference with the phone’s antenna.
  • Non-Detachable Design: Prevents increased RF exposure from metal plates and magnets.
  • Shielded Speaker Hole: Comprehensive protection, especially at higher frequencies like 5G.
  • Proper Usage Design: Guides users on how to use the case correctly to minimize radiation exposure.

Key Takeaways

  • Educate Yourself: Understand how anti-radiation materials work.
  • Scrutinize the Design: Choose cases that utilize proven shielding materials.
  • Avoid Designs with Metal Loops and Detachable Parts: These often fail to provide adequate protection.
  • Consult Professionals: When in doubt, seek advice from RF safety experts.


A genuine anti-radiation phone case should enhance your phone usage without giving false assurances. Making an informed choice means understanding that effective protection is about more than just high percentage claims; it’s about practical, everyday safety. QuantaCase is the ultimate blend of science, style, and safety. Don’t settle for less—choose QuantaCase and protect yourself and your loved ones from the hidden dangers of cell phone radiation.

Ready to take control of your safety? Visit our website, consult with our experts, and experience the QuantaCase difference today!


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