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 Inventor John Coates’ Latest Patent Offers Zero SAR Safe Indoor Wireless Transmission and Improved Air Quality

RF Safe’s Founder, a pioneer in the field of electromagnetic field (EMF) protection solutions, continues to break new ground with its innovative technologies designed to reduce RF radiation exposure. The company, which was one of the first to manufacture air-tube headsets, anti-radiation phone cases, laptop shields, and EMF belly bands in the 1990s, remains committed to advancing the field of EMF protection.

RF Safe’s founder, John Coates, recently 2023 secured a groundbreaking patent that demonstrates 100% safe indoor wireless transmissions while simultaneously cleaning the air. This cutting-edge technology, known as UVGI-Fi (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation-Fidelity), is poised to play a vital role in shaping the future of wireless networks, offering a safer and more efficient alternative for data transmission while improving air quality in indoor environments.

Coates’ UVGI-Fi patent was approved in the first round without opposition, a testament to its innovative nature and potential to transform the wireless industry. By combining ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) technology with wireless data transmission, UVGI-Fi offers a unique solution that not only ensures safe wireless connectivity but also contributes to cleaner, healthier indoor air.

The implications of this patented technology are far-reaching, as it addresses two major concerns in modern society: the potential health risks associated with EMF radiation exposure and the growing issue of poor indoor air quality. As the world continues to rely on wireless technology, the demand for solutions that protect users from EMF radiation and improve overall well-being will only increase.

John Coates’ dedication to creating innovative solutions that safeguard public health and enhance our daily lives is evident in the UVGI-Fi patent. As RF Safe continues to lead the way in EMF protection solutions, the company’s groundbreaking technologies will play a crucial role in shaping a safer, healthier future for all.

In a world where concerns about EMF exposure and air quality are on the rise, RF Safe’s pioneering technologies, such as the QuantaCase and the newly patented UVGI-Fi, offer hope for a safer, more connected future. By continuing to innovate and advance the field of EMF protection, RF Safe is paving the way for a healthier, more sustainable world.

A Game-Changer in Radiation Protection: QuantaCase Creator John Coates Shares His Vision

The Inventor’s Mission to Safeguard Health without Compromising Connectivity

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on smartphones and wireless technology, concerns about potential health risks from prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation are growing. In response, inventor and RF Safe’s founder, John Coates, has created the QuantaCase – a revolutionary phone case that offers maximum radiation protection without sacrificing style or functionality.

In a recent interview, Coates shared the inspiration behind his innovative creation. “As someone who’s been involved in the wireless industry for over a quarter of a century, I’ve seen the need for safer ways to use our devices without sacrificing connectivity firsthand,” said Coates. “I created the QuantaCase design to provide a simple, effective solution that protects users from potentially harmful radiation while maintaining a sleek, user-friendly design.”

The QuantaCase’s standout feature is its 5G and millimeter wave shielding, which utilizes a solid piece of RF Safe shielding to protect users from high-frequency transmissions. Coates emphasized the importance of this aspect of the design: “With the proliferation of 5G technology, it’s crucial that we develop innovative solutions to mitigate potential health risks associated with increased exposure to electromagnetic radiation.”

In addition to its advanced radiation shielding, the QuantaCase also boasts a range of features designed to enhance users’ experience. These include a hands-free video-watching stand, an RFID blocking card slot for added security, and a conductivity testing feature to verify the effectiveness of the RF shielding technology. Coates believes that these functionalities set the QuantaCase apart from other radiation protection cases on the market.

Moreover, the QuantaCase strictly adheres to design principles set forth by Coates himself, ensuring that the phone operates at its lowest output power. “Our minimalist design and the use of RF Safe® Radiation Shielding Technology reflect our commitment to user safety while maintaining optimal connectivity,” explained Coates.

As research continues to emerge on the potential health impacts of electromagnetic radiation, the QuantaCase provides a much-needed solution for users seeking a safer way to stay connected. Coates is proud of his invention and hopes that it will encourage further innovation in the field of radiation protection.

“I firmly believe that the QuantaCase can make a significant difference in people’s lives by reducing their exposure to potentially harmful radiation,” said Coates. “It’s my hope that this invention, a first principles design conceived over 20 years ago, will continue to catalyze further advancements in radiation protection technology, ultimately making the world a safer place for all.”  Phone cases are just a patch, he claims, until the standard in wireless transmission mainly consists of light and, where needed, even germicidal light.

For those looking to invest in their health and protect themselves from the potential risks of prolonged exposure to microwave frequency electromagnetic radiation, the QuantaCase offers a sleek, functional, and effective solution. As the world embraces wireless technology, innovations like the QuantaCase, backed by visionaries like John Coates, will play a critical role in ensuring our well-being and safety.

The QuantaCase is a sleek and stylish anti-radiation phone case designed to ensure users’ security, health, and quality of life. Its maxi-minimalist design maximizes protection while maintaining a slim profile, making it the perfect accessory for today’s health-conscious smartphone users.

One of the exceptional features of the QuantaCase is its 5G and millimeter wave shielding. The front shielded flip cover contains one solid piece of RF Safe shielding without any holes, providing protection against 5G and millimeter wave transmissions. For optimal radiation protection, users are advised to close the front flip cover after calls, use the speakerphone whenever possible, and carry the phone with the front cover facing their body.

In addition to its advanced radiation shielding, the QuantaCase also offers a range of functionalities designed to enhance the user experience. These include a hands-free video-watching stand, an RFID blocking card slot for added security, and a conductivity testing feature to verify the resistance of the high-performance RF shielding technology used in the front flip cover.

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