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How Do Biological Systems Function in This Field and in Electromagnetic Fields?

The study “The Influence of Magnetic Fields Including the Planetary Magnetic Field on Complex Life Forms: How Do Biological Systems Function in This Field and in Electromagnetic Fields?” is a comprehensive review by David A. Hart, examining the role and effects of magnetic fields, including Earth’s geomagnetic field (GMF), on complex life forms such as humans.

Key Points of the Study:

  1. Evolutionary Context: Life on Earth evolved under specific biochemical and biophysical boundary conditions, including the GMF. The study discusses how complex life forms, including humans, have adapted to these conditions.
  2. Iron-Containing Molecules and Magnetic Fields: The review explores the incorporation of ferromagnetic ions like iron in essential systems and molecules of organisms, considering their magnetic properties.
  3. Navigation and Cognition: The influence of magnetic fields on navigation in various species and its potential effects on human cognition and neurological functions are discussed.
  4. Health Applications: The study reviews the use of magnetic fields in health applications, particularly focusing on musculoskeletal, neurological, and wound healing benefits.
  5. Effects of Exogenous Electromagnetic Fields: The review evaluates the impact of external electromagnetic fields, such as those from power lines and cell phones, on biological systems, including potential health risks.
  6. Space Travel Considerations: The study considers the effects of the absence of Earth’s GMF on astronauts during space flights, particularly deep space missions like those to Mars, where Earth’s GMF is no longer present.
  7. Gaps in Knowledge and Future Research: The review highlights the need for further research to understand the roles of GMF and electromagnetic fields in human functioning, especially in the context of space exploration.
  8. Conclusions: The study concludes that while the GMF and local magnetic fields have been present throughout evolution, the details of their role in human functioning are still not fully understood. It emphasizes the importance of further research to understand these effects, especially in the context of long-term space flight and living in environments beyond Earth’s GMF.

This study provides a detailed analysis of the existing literature on the involvement of magnetic fields in biological processes and raises questions about the potential outcomes when the GMF is no longer present to impact human systems. It underlines the importance of continued research in this field, particularly in view of proposed deep space flights.

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