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Hair Loss Cell Phone Radiation Risk

In this video, we’ll be looking at how the use of cell phones is being associated with Hair Loss

In a report filed on the Journal of Cosmetology & Trichology website, it is being shown that cell phone radiation can cause hair loss. Through DNA breakage. The case report describes a patient who experienced hair loss around the left temporal and parietal area due to continuous, prolonged use of a cell phone.

The patient was a 46-year old man who had history of prolonged cell phone use with continuous long conversations holding the phone pressed in place between his left shoulder and the ear by bending his neck completely to the left and lifting the left shoulder upwards to hold the phone.

The area of hair loss and thinning corresponded to the tilted position of the cell phone when it was held between the left ear and the shoulder.

The study concluded that exposure to cell phone radiation can lead to hair loss by single-strand DNA breakage, genotoxic effect, generation of reactive oxygen species and altered hormonal regulation.

In a separate study, researchers collected hair samples from healthy men, immediately before and after using a cell phone for 15 and 30 min. Single-strand DNA breaks of hair root cells from the samples were found by using the ‘comet assay’, which is a simple and sensitive technique for the detection of DNA damage at the level of the individual eukaryotic cell.

The researchers found a significant increase in DNA single-strand breaks in human hair root cells located around the ear where the phone was held.

If you would like to examine the report for yourself, I have included a link to it below. Many more informative links are available in the report itself. I’ve also included a link to the report addressing the DNA break study.

Report Link:
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