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Eye Damage Cell Phone Radiation Risk

In this video, we’ll be looking at how the use of cell phones is being associated with damage to the human eye.

A study carried out by scientists at Charotar University of Science and Technology has revealed that cell phone radiation can have a negative effect on our eyes.

The scientists, who have studied the impact of electromagnetic waves on the human eye, say that usage of mobile can also lead to early cataracts in the lens as well as affecting the retina, cornea and other ocular systems.

The problem is not that the eye absorbs the radiation, but that the heat absorbed by the eye does not get transmitted or radiated out of the body. During the study, scientists computed the specific absorption rate and maximum temperature increase in the eye because of electromagnetic radiofrequency fields generated by the cell phone. The rise of the specific absorption rate and temperature depend on the distance between the eye and the cell phone.

Also, it has just recently been reported that the blue light emitted by cell could accelerate blindness.

If you would like to read more for yourself on this subject, I have included links to more information below.

India Times report on the Charotar University of Science and Technology study:

A similar report on the RF Safe website:

Newsweek report on the danger of blue light:

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