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EMF Medical Conference 2021

Explore Cutting-Edge Insights from the EMF Medical Conference 2021

In an era where electromagnetic fields (EMF) are a pervasive part of our environment, understanding their impact on health has never been more crucial. The EMF Medical Conference 2021, themed “Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of EMF Associated Illness,” offers unparalleled insights into this critical issue. Held virtually over two sessions, from October 23-24, 2020, and January 28-31, 2021, the conference brought together leading figures in EMF research, medicine, and safety.  Watch the conference here 

What Was on Offer?

The conference featured a prelude with the Pre-Conference course titled “Electrosmog and Electrotherapeutics 101,” laying a foundational understanding of EMF’s basics and therapeutic approaches to EMF-related conditions. This comprehensive training attracted over 800 attendees from more than 30 countries, reflecting the global concern and interest in EMF’s health implications.

Why Watch the EMF Medical Conference 2021?

This event is a treasure trove of evidence-based knowledge, showcasing the expertise of distinguished professionals in the field:

  • Doctors who have firsthand experience treating patients suffering from EMF-associated illnesses.
  • Scientists who have contributed to our understanding of EMF through rigorous research, highlighting its biological and health effects.
  • EMF assessment specialists who bring technical knowledge on measuring and mitigating EMF exposure.
  • Public policy advocates who are at the forefront of pushing for regulations and standards to protect public health.

An attendee reflected on the conference, noting, “I was impressed by how many doctors and scientists care and have integrity and are working hard to help address this huge concern.” This sentiment captures the essence of the conference – a dedicated community coming together to address an urgent public health issue.

Access the Wealth of Information

The relevance and importance of the information shared during the EMF Medical Conference 2021 have only grown. Whether you’re a medical professional, researcher, or simply someone concerned about EMF exposure, the conference offers a wealth of knowledge and practical guidance.

Dive into the conference program and explore the extensive backgrounds of our esteemed speakers. For a deeper understanding and access to a high-quality education and training experience, we invite you to watch the conference recordings.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insight into the cutting-edge of EMF science and health. For more details and to view the conference materials, please visit the official conference website at

Watch the conference here 

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