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Effects of mobile phone electromagnetic fields on brain waves in healthy volunteers

The study titled “Effects of mobile phone electromagnetic fields on brain waves in healthy volunteers” by Johan N. van der Meer and colleagues, published in Scientific Reports, offers important insights into the interaction between electromagnetic fields (EMF) and brain activity. Here’s a breakdown of the key points and implications of this research:

Overview of the Study

  • Objective: To measure the effects of EMF exposure from mobile phones on brain waves, specifically using EEG (electroencephalogram) recordings in healthy volunteers.
  • Methodology: The study involved 32 participants in a double-blinded crossover counterbalanced design. EEG recordings were taken under two conditions: with EMF exposure and without (sham).
  • Key Finding: The study found statistical evidence for the presence of an EMF effect in the alpha band power density during the eyes open condition.

Significance of Findings

  • Challenging Previous Understandings: Prior studies on EMF effects on brainwaves often faced challenges due to experimental and environmental factors. This study’s more controlled approach provides robust evidence that challenges previous understandings of EMF’s biological inertness.
  • Bayesian Statistical Approach: The use of a Bayesian approach for statistical analysis strengthens the validity of the findings, offering a more nuanced understanding of EMF’s impact on brain activity.

Implications for Future Research

  • Potential for Standardized Protocols: This study’s methodology and findings could pave the way for standardizing protocols to assess EMF effects, crucial for evaluating newer technologies like 5G and 6G.
  • Broader Impact on Health and Technology: Understanding the non-thermal effects of EMF on brain activity could have significant implications for public health policies and the safe deployment of wireless technologies.

Key Considerations and Limitations

  • Experimental Design Choices: The choice of a single session for both sham and RF measurements might raise questions about carryover effects. However, the counterbalanced design within subjects minimizes this concern.
  • Interpreting Alpha Band Activity: While increased alpha activity was observed during EMF exposure, the clinical or long-term significance of this finding remains to be explored.


This study represents a significant advancement in understanding the subtle effects of EMF exposure from mobile phones on brain activity. It underscores the need for continued research into the biological effects of EMF, particularly in the context of rapidly evolving wireless communication technologies. The findings advocate for a reevaluation of safety standards and guidelines to consider non-thermal effects of EMF exposure.

Data Accessibility

  • The researchers have made it clear that the datasets generated and analyzed during the study are available upon reasonable request, indicating a commitment to transparency and further scientific exploration in this field.

Study Source: Effects of mobile phone electromagnetic fields on brain waves in healthy volunteers

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