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Effects of 900 MHz electromagnetic fields (EMF) on the cell proliferation of planarian

The paper “The effects of electromagnetic field and γ-radiation on cell proliferation and regeneration in planarian Schmidtea mediterranea” by E.I. Sarapultseva et al. presents a comprehensive study on the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and gamma-radiation on planarian regeneration and cell proliferation. The research focuses on understanding how different types of radiation affect the regenerative capabilities and cell cycle of planarians, which are known for their extraordinary ability to regenerate lost body parts.

The study conducted by E.I. Sarapultseva and colleagues focused on the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on the cell proliferation of planarian Schmidtea mediterranea during regeneration. Here’s a concise summary of the key findings and methodologies:

  • Gamma-Irradiation: The planarians were exposed to a medium dose of gamma-irradiation at 10 Gy.
  • EMF Exposure: The electromagnetic field exposure was at a frequency of 900 MHz and an intensity of 100 μW/cm² for a duration of 180 minutes.
  • Cell Proliferation Analysis: Using flow cytometry, it was found that 24 hours after exposure to both gamma-rays and EMF, the index of proliferation (total amount of cells at S and G2/M phases) was significantly reduced compared to controls. Specifically, the proliferation index was 2.8 times lower after gamma-ray exposure and 1.8 times lower after EMF exposure.
  • Conclusion: The study provides experimental evidence that medium-dose gamma-irradiation and low-intensity EMF at 900 MHz can significantly compromise the proliferation activity during regeneration in planarians. This finding is significant as it attributes the observed reduction in regeneration to the compromised cell proliferation activity due to radiation exposure. This research offers insights into the biological impacts of EMF and gamma radiation, which could be critical for understanding and developing applications in bioelectromagnetic medicine and regenerative therapies.

This research is significant for RF Safe’s research, as it provides valuable insights into the effects of electromagnetic fields on biological systems, particularly in the context of regeneration. Understanding these effects is crucial for developing non-invasive medical treatments using EMF technologies. The paper’s findings can inform the approach of using EMF to manipulate bioelectric patterns in planarian regeneration, potentially leading to breakthroughs in regenerative medicine and bioelectromagnetic applications.

For a full report incorporating these insights and linking to the paper, a comprehensive summary tailored to the specific goals and context of your project would be created, highlighting the relevance and application of these findings in the realm of bioelectromagnetic medicine.  PDF

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