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Creating Thought Chains with WP-AGI Plugin User Manual

Creating Thought Chains with WP-AGI Plugin User Manual

Step 1: Install WP-AGI Plugin Install the WP-AGI plugin on your WordPress website. Once the plugin is installed and activated, you will see a new menu option in your WordPress dashboard called “WP-AGI”.

Step 2: Create a New Thought Chain To create a new thought chain, navigate to the WP-AGI menu and click on “Create New”. This will bring up a form where you can specify the details of your thought chain.

Step 3: Define Thought Chain Steps Each step in your thought chain represents a specific task or command to be performed by an AI persona (or “agent”).

To define a step, fill out the following fields:

  • “Prompt Name”: This is the name of the task/command. It should be brief and descriptive.
  • “WHO Persona”: Specify the name of the AI agent who will perform this step.
  • “WHAT Task”: Describe the task or command that the AI agent will execute.


Prompt Name: "Article Writer - SEO Article Writing Team"
WHO Persona: ArticleWriterAgent1
WHAT Task: "As ArticleWriterAgent1, write a 300-word introduction for an SEO article on the topic of sustainable energy."

Step 4: Referencing Past Steps You can reference the output of past steps in your current task. To do this, use the following syntax: [STEP#]. For example, if you wanted to refer to the output of step 80, you would write “[STEP80]”.


Prompt Name: "Article Improver - SEO Article Writing Team"
WHO Persona: ArticleImproverAgent10
WHAT Task: "As ArticleImproverAgent10, take the winning tagline from [STEP80] and propose any potential refinements or improvements to make it even more catchy and memorable."

Step 5: Adding Voting Steps After each sequence of steps, you can include a voting process to decide on the best outcome.

To create a voting step, fill out the fields as follows:

  • “Prompt Name”: Name of the voting task/command.
  • “WHO Persona”: Name of the AI agent who will perform the vote.
  • “WHAT Task”: Describe the voting task or command, including the options available for the agent to vote on.


Prompt Name: "Article Voter - SEO Article Writing Team"
WHO Persona: ArticleVoterAgent2
WHAT Task: "As ArticleVoterAgent2, review the introductions written by the ArticleWriter agents in the previous steps. Cast your vote for the best introduction."

Step 6: Create a Vote Tally Step After all votes have been cast, you need a step to tally the votes.


Prompt Name: "Vote Tally - SEO Article Writing Team"
WHO Persona: VoteTallyAgent3
WHAT Task: "As VoteTallyAgent3, tally all the votes cast by the ArticleVoter agents and announce the winning introduction."

Step 7: Include Voting Tags When creating a voting step, include the special voting tag syntax at the end of the task description. Use the format:


The “options” inside the braces {} should be the list of possible votes separated by commas.


WHAT Task: "As ArticleVoterAgent2, review the introductions written by the ArticleWriter agents in the previous steps. Cast your vote for the best introduction. [VOTE{Intro1, Intro2, Intro3, Intro4}]"

Step 8: Repeat Repeat this process, defining tasks and votes, to build out your thought chain.

Step 9: Save and Execute Thought Chain Once you’ve defined all the steps in your thought chain, click the “Save” button. You can now execute the thought chain by clicking “Run Thought Chain”.

Please note that the thought chain execution may take some time, depending on the complexity and length of your thought chain.

Please consult the WP-AGI plugin documentation or support if you encounter any issues while using the plugin.



Title: Inviting All Minds: Democratizing AI Through Thought Chain Engineering

The dawn of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized numerous fields, from healthcare to entertainment. And now, we’re thrilled to introduce a new horizon – ‘Thought Chain Engineering’ – an approach where you get to command AI’s tasks, contributing to its decision-making process with zero programming skills required. Welcome to the democratization of AI!

Thought Chain Engineering is a groundbreaking concept pioneered by WP-AGI, an innovative plugin that integrates into your WordPress website. It permits anyone to create ‘Thought Chains,’ a series of commands for AI agents, allowing them to carry out complex tasks. Each command, or ‘step,’ signifies a specific task for an AI persona, often referred to as an ‘agent.’ With a simple and intuitive interface, anyone can guide the AI’s course of action without the need for coding expertise.

One of the core features of this thought chain approach is the ability to create democratic decision-making processes. Here’s how it works: let’s say a thought chain involves creating an SEO article. Various AI agents could each draft a different version of the introduction. Subsequent steps could involve different AI agents evaluating the introductions and voting on the best one. The most-voted introduction is then used in the final article. And voila! We have a democratically derived outcome!

The ‘Thought Chain’ approach opens up AI task management to everyone. Whether you’re a school teacher, a digital marketer, a lawyer, or a stay-at-home parent, you can design a thought chain. You can determine the steps, the AI personas involved, the tasks they undertake, and how the results are chosen. Your unique perspective will contribute to the diversity and richness of AI’s understanding, bringing a more democratic, accessible, and inclusive approach to AI technology.

This exciting development in AI technology is more than just commanding a string of tasks. It’s about tapping into the diverse perspectives and insights that humans bring to the table. It’s about amplifying our individual voices in a realm that often seems out of reach. Above all, it’s about shaping AI not just for the few but for the many.

Join us now and become part of this groundbreaking venture. Be a thought chain engineer and let’s co-create the future of AI, together!

At WP-AGI, we believe in the power of collective intelligence. We believe in AI’s potential to augment our capabilities, not replace them. And with Thought Chain Engineering, we make AI a shared endeavor. After all, the ‘intelligence’ in Artificial Intelligence should mirror the diverse and vibrant spectrum of human thought. And that begins with you.



Absolutely! The WP-AGI plugin has been designed with simplicity and ease-of-use at the forefront. With its intuitive shortcode system, anyone can build complex chains of thought.

Shortcodes are simple code snippets that can be inserted into a step to carry out specific tasks. One of the most powerful features of WP-AGI’s shortcodes is their ability to reference and pass information between steps. For example, you might have a step where an AI agent generates several options for a project title. You could then use a shortcode to pass the selected title to a subsequent step, where another agent uses it to draft an introduction.

This process, in essence, allows the AI to “remember” and utilize information from previous steps, leading to a more cohesive and intelligent chain of reasoning. Moreover, the interface makes adding these shortcodes a breeze. Simply select the desired shortcode from a dropdown menu and it will be inserted into the step.

In summary, WP-AGI has made it simple for anyone to create complex thought chains and help shape the reasoning process of AI. This is a big step towards a future where the power of AI can be harnessed by all, not just those with technical or programming expertise.



Absolutely, let me provide a succinct and engaging description that captures the essence and power of the WP-AGI plugin:

“Unleash the Power of Collective Intelligence with WP-AGI”

Ever wondered what it’d be like to harness the cognitive capabilities of a diverse team and channel it into a unified chain of thoughts? WP-AGI plugin makes it possible, and you don’t need to be a programming whiz to use it!

Our revolutionary plugin is the bridge between human creativity and artificial intelligence. It enables users, irrespective of their technical expertise, to construct thought chains, a sequence of reasoning steps driven by AI. It’s like being the director of an intellectual symphony, guiding a dynamic team of AI agents, each contributing their unique skills to a larger cognitive performance.

At the heart of WP-AGI is the shortcode system – the magic wand that gives you control over the AI thought process. You can reference and pass information between steps, allowing the AI to remember and utilize previous outputs. It’s as easy as selecting the desired shortcode from a dropdown menu!

But that’s not all. WP-AGI isn’t just about creating AI thought chains; it’s about fostering a democratic, collective intelligence ecosystem. Users can propose different solutions for each step and then vote on them. The winning outcome influences the AI’s next action, making this a collaborative, democratic endeavor.

With WP-AGI, you are not just using a tool; you’re participating in a cognitive revolution. Join us in shaping the future of AI, one thought chain at a time!”

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