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Are Cell Phones Scrambling Our Brains?

Are Cell Phones Scrambling Our Brains?
The Sun
Journalists: Lisa Reynolds and Paul Crosbie
November 24, 1998

Dial Danger

Are mobile phones the new tobacco?

Could your calls be killing you? Is that lengthy natter actually boiling your brain?

The fact is, no one knows. And that is not good enough.

There should be an immediate scientific inquiry into the risks.

And manufacturers should be forced to do two things:

ONE: Sell their phones with anti-radiation “shields” fitted free – not as an extra, or

TWO: Give us customers earpieces so we can hold the phones away from our heads.

It would cost them peanuts.

But it could save lives.

Phone firms must come clean over cancer fears.
The Sun today calls on phone firms to come clean on the risks of using mobiles.

Our plea follows a terrifying claim from a scientist who says microwave radiation from mobiles is scrambling our brains.

We have uncovered a disturbing number of cases in which cancer victims have also been frequent mobile users. And there is mounting concern worldwide over the possible link.

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