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Nordstrom Closes All San Francisco Stores Due to Citys Soaring Crime Rates and Changing Dynamics

Nordstrom has made the decision to close all of its San Francisco stores due to the city’s “changed dynamics” and soaring crime rates. The Westfield Mall location will close by the end of August, while the Nordstrom Rack across the street will close by July 1. Other major retailers, including Whole Foods and Office Depot, have also closed their San Francisco locations due to the deteriorating situation in the downtown area. In response to the rampant crime, Target has implemented security measures, such as locking up their entire stock behind glass, in an effort to deter shoplifters. Nordstrom’s chief stores officer, Jamie Nordstrom, attributed the reduced foot traffic and inability to operate successfully in San Francisco as reasons for the closures. The decision to close all San Francisco stores will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the city’s retail industry.

McAfee Study Warns of Rising Online Voice Scams Fuelled by AI 1 in 4 Britons Targeted or Know Victims

AI is fuelling a rise in online voice scams, study warns

Cybersecurity specialists McAfee have revealed that one in four Britons say they or someone they know has been targeted by online voice scams, which are increasingly being fuelled by artificial intelligence technology. As the threat and impact of these scams grow, it is important to understand the role that AI plays in their rise. McAfee’s study sheds light on key findings related to online voice scams and AI technology, and offers recommendations from cybersecurity experts on how to protect oneself and loved ones.

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