These Are the 10 Most Overpriced Housing Markets in the US 5 Are in Florida According to Florida Atlantic University Study

According to a recent study conducted by Florida Atlantic University, the housing market in some parts of the United States remains overpriced, with buyers paying much more than homes are actually worth. The study compared the historical trends of expected home values to the average list prices across the 100 largest metro areas, identifying the cities with the largest percentage differences between the two. Surprisingly, five of the ten most overpriced housing markets in the country are located in Florida, with Atlanta, Georgia taking the number one spot. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the gap between expected home values and actual prices across these ten markets and explore whether the housing market is starting to cool down.

Florida Education Department Investigating Elected School Superintendent Critical of DeSantis

The Florida Department of Education is investigating an elected school superintendent who has publicly criticized Governor Ron DeSantis. Superintendent Rocky Hanna claims he is being targeted for expressing his political beliefs and has encouraged teachers to ignore political pressure. The investigation stems from a letter sent by conservative parent group Moms for Liberty to DeSantis last year, complaining about an email Hanna sent to school staff at the beginning of the school year. The letter was stamped with the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon,” which conservatives use as an insult to President Joe Biden. The state education department has given Hanna an ultimatum to attend a hearing or face sanctions against his Florida educator certificate, including fines, probation, or revocation of his teaching license. Hanna has criticized the governor’s education policies, especially his ban on mask mandates at schools during the Covid-19 pandemic. The controversy has sparked debate about the role of politics in education and the limits of freedom of expression for public officials.