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AIPowered Voice Scams on the Rise Warns Cybersecurity Study Experts Call for Tighter Regulation

A new report by cybersecurity experts at McAfee has highlighted the growing threat of AI-powered voice scams. Fraudsters are using AI to clone a victim’s voice and trick their friends and family into sending money. Shockingly, just three seconds of audio is enough to produce an 85 percent match. The investigation found that more than a dozen AI voice-cloning tools are openly available on the internet, with many of them free and requiring only a basic level of expertise to use. To combat this growing threat, experts are calling for tighter regulation of AI. A recent White House summit emphasized the importance of ethical and trustworthy innovation to mitigate potential risks. With 50 percent of UK adults sharing their voice data online at least once a week, there is a clear and urgent need for safeguards to protect individuals from cybercriminals who are using AI for voice scams. By raising awareness of the dangers of AI-enabled fraud and advocating for responsible AI development, we can ensure that this powerful technology is used for good and not for harm.

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