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Contempt Hearing Could Land Hunter Biden in Jail A Look at the Case Against Him

On Monday, Hunter Biden will appear in an Independence County, Arkansas courtroom for a contempt hearing that could result in jail time. The case against him stems from his failure to respond to motions filed by an attorney for Lunden Roberts, a former D.C. stripper, who has requested child support and healthcare coverage for their shared daughter, Navy Joan Roberts. Judge Holly Meyer has ordered all parties to physically appear for future court hearings, and has imposed a gag order on discussing specifics of the case. Hunter Biden’s financial circumstances have come under scrutiny, with Roberts’ attorney raising questions about his income and assets. Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, charges $855 per hour, which Roberts’ attorney claims is a sign of Biden’s wealth and prestige. The case has also raised questions about Biden’s lavish lifestyle and how he is paying for his legal representation. Roberts’ attorney has vowed to depose Biden and have a forensic accountant go through his finances.

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