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Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020 – Next-Gen LiFi With Bioweapon Defense Mode

Purpose of the Bill The purpose of S. 893, the Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2019, is to require the President to develop a strategy to ensure the security of 5th generation (5G) and other future generations of wireless communications systems and infrastructure in the United States and to assist allies in maximizing the […]

New Patent Ready For RF Safe Wireless Communications That Attacks Bio-Agents Not You!

rfsafe-patent-System for wireless communication using germicidal light frequencies

System for wireless communication using germicidal light frequencies Field This invention relates to the fields of communication and sanitization and more particularly to a system for communicating wirelessly using sterilizing light. Background The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a reevaluation of what makes indoor environments safe for living and working. While all occupied spaces are of […]

Federal Appeals Court Orders FCC To Revisit 5G Wireless Radiation Exposure Limits

  The Federal Communications Commission must take a second look and explain how its regulations protect the public from the harmful effects of cell phone towers and wireless device radiation, the D.C. Circuit ruled Friday. Judge Robert L. Wilkins wrote, “the F.C.C. must describe why it kept the same testing procedures for determining whether devices […]

RF Safe’s place in the Far-UVC space

This is absolutely one of the world’s most important discoveries to fall within human health and environmental effects of human-made electromagnetic radiation. The discovery was made using 222nm electromagnetic waves with powerfully energized 5.58 eV photons. Far UVC is something most people have never heard of, and I sincerely hope you share this information with […]

RF Safe Reboot! You are more important than you can imagine (Please Read)

John Robert Coates CEO, RF Safe Reboot 2021 To our valued customers and visitors, Through the last year of family members falling sick and surgical delays – the lockdown took everything RF Safe had built over 22 yrs. Our staff, our business, and our inventory (see video) all one thing after another! I was already […]

5G and the UV connection of skin-deep EMR exposure (5G research is warranted on skin-deep EMR study)

Researchers Shine a Light on UV Light Exposure and Kidney Damage Exposure to UV light causes damage to everyone’s cellular DNA. Once the cells are damaged, the immune system clears them. However, people with lupus have a much slower clearance of these cells. The dead cells stick around in the body, triggering an immune system […]

5G issue goes skin deep as does EMR energy that is less penetrating than 5G exposure!

How UV Light Touches the Brain and Endocrine System Through Skin, and Why Andrzej T Slominski, Michal A Zmijewski, Przemyslaw M Plonka, Jerzy P Szaflarski, Ralf Paus, How UV Light Touches the Brain and Endocrine System Through Skin, and Why, Endocrinology, Volume 159, Issue 5, May 2018, Pages 1992–2007, Abstract The skin, a self-regulating […]

RF Safe Code of Ethics for Manufacturers

RF Safe Code of Ethics for Manufacturers The RF Safe Manufacturing Association (“RSMA” or the “Association”) adopts the following Code of Ethics to promote the highest ethical and moral standards of professional conduct in the wireless industry. Each member of the Association agrees to abide by this Code of Ethics as a condition of membership […]

Apple Claims Federal Regulations Bar iPhone Radiation Safety Suit

The Federal Communications Commission’s testing regulations preempt a class suit alleging certain iPhone models emit dangerous radiation levels when carried close to the body, Apple Inc. told the Northern District of California. Additionally, that court lacks jurisdiction over the suit, which seeks to challenge the FCC’s testing rules, an issue that must be reviewed by a federal […]

Consumer Alert: These Cell Phone Cases Increase Radiation

Safesleeve’s case and DefenderShield’s case, combined with both company’s lust for profits is driving an arrogant culture that endangers lives just to sell added accessories that attach to their cases. Safesleeves/ DefenderShield’s detachable anti-radiation case is a very dangerous phone case design that WILL interfere with the antenna due to conductive material being used inside […]

How to Install a Ferrite Bead

mailbag-How- to-install-ferrite-bead-smartphone- headset-cord-rfsafe

In this video, I’ll be demonstrating how to install a ferrite bead in your headset cord. Ferrite Beads are used to prevent the majority of high frequency radiation from traveling up the headset cord over your body and into your ears and on . Ferrite beads have been featured in mainstream news many times over the […]