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RF Safe, the pioneers, the trailblazers, the O.G.s of anti-radiation phone cases

Discover the truth behind anti-radiation phone cases. Since the ’90s, RF Safe has been the pioneer in personal electromagnetic radiation protection. With their meticulously crafted cases, they have led the industry in maximizing user safety. But what happens when newer companies like Safesleeve and Defendershield enter the market? With more emphasis on style than substance, […]

Why the RF Safe QuantaCase is Essential Radiation Protection for Protecting Children Using the Gabb Phone 3 Pro

Explore the hidden dangers of cell phone radiation with our deep dive into the Gabb Phone 3 Pro, a modified Samsung Galaxy A13 that reaches near-legal radiation emission limits. Understand the implications of constant electromagnetic exposure, especially in children, whose thinner skulls and developing tissues absorb radiation more readily. We break down major studies, like […]

Connection Between COVID-19, Cell Phone Radiation, and Blood-Brain Barrier Damage

A Silent Threat to Health COVID-19, Cell Phone Radiation, and Blood-Brain Barrier: In recent years, cutting-edge research has highlighted the potential dangers of both COVID-19 and cell phone radiation on the blood-brain barrier (BBB), a critical component in protecting our brain from harmful substances. This article aims to draw connections between these seemingly disparate issues, […]

Kids vs Adult SAR Levels: Understanding the Radiation Absorption Differences

In today’s world, smartphones are used by individuals of all ages. However, children and adults are affected differently by smartphone radiation due to differences in skull thickness and tissue composition. Understanding these differences is vital for making informed decisions and ensuring the safety of younger users. 05/23 – Must See Dr. Oz’s Episode: Does Your Cell Phone […]

Guide To Choosing the Best Cell Phone Radiation Blocker Cases

Are you concerned about the potential health risks associated with smartphone radiation exposure? In an era where smartphones are indispensable, concerns about the potential health risks associated with radiation exposure have never been higher. The market is saturated with smartphone radiation blocker cases claiming to offer protection, but not all are created equal. This guide […]

The Unyielding Crusade: John Coates, RF Safe, and the Fight Against Cell Phone Radiation

The Crusade Against Cell Phone Radiation: John Coates’ Mission At RF Safe we are not against the progression of technology but we do not consent to the imposition of technology at the risk of harming our health and potentially all biological life In our hyper-connected world, wireless technology has become indispensable, yet it carries hidden […]

Could A Bad Choice In Cell Phone Accessories Be Hazardous To Your Health?

Cell phone radiation poses significant health risks, especially when exacerbated by poorly designed phone cases and accessories. This paper addresses the often-overlooked dangers of detachable phone accessories, particularly those with magnets and metal plates, which can increase radiation exposure. Insights from Dr. Oz’s independent SAR testing, the Environmental Working Group (EWG), and recent court rulings […]

Understanding the Deception Behind SAR Levels: How to Use Your Phone Safely

05/30 – Kids vs Adult SAR Levels: Understanding the Radiation Absorbtion Differences In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile technology, safety concerns about radiation exposure from cell phones persist. While many consumers rely on SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) levels to gauge the safety of their devices, these numbers can be misleading. John Coates, founder of RF Safe and […]

Stop Bill HR 6492: Protect Our Health, Our Future, Parks and Wildlife Too

The Ultimate Arrogance: Ignoring the Non-Thermal Effects of RF Radiation Refusing to acknowledge the mounting evidence of non-thermal effects of RF radiation is akin to holding onto outdated scientific beliefs, like the flat Earth theory. Just as these ideas were eventually replaced by more accurate understandings, the notion that non-ionizing radiation’s only impact is thermal […]

Exploring the Hidden Dimensions of Electromagnetic Sensory Perception in Wildlife

The study “Electromagnetic Sensory Perception in Terrestrial Animals and Implications for,” authored by Robert England and Tom Robert in 2024, delves into the previously underexplored dimension of how terrestrial animals detect and respond to electromagnetic fields, often referred to as, toxic entropic waste, electro smog and wireless EMF/RFR radiation. This research reveals that some species, […]

Smartphone Radiation Protection

Physics trumps marketing every single time. If the physics says a phone case shouldn’t have metal loops and detachable magnets because the phone’s software responds by increasing power when obstructed, then it shouldn’t have them. The design of QuantaCase is guided by what is harmful or not, not by what sells best. At RF Safe we stick to the […]

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