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Nonlinear Bio-responses: electromagnetic radiation and biological systems

This comprehensive review titled “Interactions between electromagnetic radiation and biological systems” presents an extensive exploration into the multifaceted impacts of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) across various biological systems. The review critically examines the consensus, controversies, limitations, and unresolved issues surrounding the bioeffects of EMR, highlighting the need for further research in understanding these complex interactions. Key […]

Smartphone Use on Thyroid Function in Medical Students and Cancer in the Nordic Countries

The Link Between Mobile Phone Use, Radiofrequency Radiation, and Thyroid Health In recent years, a growing body of research has highlighted the potential health risks associated with mobile phone use, particularly the effects of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) on the thyroid gland. The thyroid, a small gland located in the neck, plays a crucial role in […]

Biophoton Emissions Reveal New Insights into Fertility

The paper titled “Exploring Intercellular Dynamics: Ultra-Weak Biophoton Emission as a Novel Indicator of Altered Cell Functions and Disease in Oligospermia Mice,” View of Exploring Intercellular Dynamics_ Ultra-Weak Biophoton Emission as a Novel Indicator of Altered Cell Functions and Disease in Oligospermia Mice:   This study investigates the potential of ultra-weak biophoton emission as a […]

Michael Levin’s Perspective on EMFs and Bioelectricity

Michael Levin has focused on the intrinsic bioelectric processes that guide cellular and organismal development. His research underscores the role of bioelectricity in scaling biological functions from the cellular level to whole organisms. Levin acknowledges the pioneering work of scientists like Harold Saxton Burr and Robert Becker but expresses skepticism towards the emphasis on the […]

Revisiting Burr and Northrop’s ‘The Electro-Dynamic Theory of Life

The paper “Revisiting Burr and Northrop’s ‘The Electro-Dynamic Theory of Life‘ (1935)” by Michael Levin, published in the journal Biological Theory in 2020, offers a comprehensive review and modern interpretation of Harold Saxton Burr’s groundbreaking work on bioelectricity and its fundamental role in biological organization and morphogenesis. Levin highlights Burr’s visionary perspective, which posited that […]

Introduction to Anomalous Health Incidents (AHIs)

Unraveling the Mystery of Anomalous Health Incidents “Neurological Illness and National Security: Lessons to Be Learned” by David A. Relman, MD Source: Anomalous Health Incidents, or AHIs, refer to a set of troubling neurological symptoms first reported in 2016 by US government personnel in Havana, Cuba. These symptoms include sudden and intense sounds perceived […]

Understanding Harold Saxton Burr’s Electric Field Theory

Source: “Blueprint for Immortality: The Electric Patterns of Life” In a world increasingly enveloped by the invisible yet omnipresent forces of electromagnetic fields, the work of Harold Saxton Burr stands as a beacon, illuminating the profound implications these forces have on life itself. Burr, a pioneering researcher and a professor at Yale University in the […]

Seeing the Electromagnetic Spectrum: Spotlight on the Cryptochrome Photocycle

Discover the fascinating world of cryptochromes with the landmark review by Margaret Ahmad and team, “Seeing’ the Electromagnetic Spectrum Spotlight on the Cryptochrome Photocycle,” published in Frontiers in Plant Science. Thirty years after Ahmad’s pivotal discovery of the blue light receptor cryptochrome, this comprehensive review delves deep into the evolutionary journey and intricate mechanisms of […]

EM Noise Exposes Secrets of Hydra Regeneration: A Fusion of Physics and Biology

In the realm of regenerative biology, the Hydra, a simple freshwater organism, has long fascinated scientists with its seemingly magical ability to regenerate any part of its body. Recent research delves deep into this phenomenon, uncovering the pivotal role of electric fields and the inherent ‘noise’ of biological systems in guiding the regeneration process. This […]

EMF Medical Conference 2021

Explore Cutting-Edge Insights from the EMF Medical Conference 2021 In an era where electromagnetic fields (EMF) are a pervasive part of our environment, understanding their impact on health has never been more crucial. The EMF Medical Conference 2021, themed “Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of EMF Associated Illness,” offers unparalleled insights into this critical issue. Held […]

5G Risk to Reward: No Pay-Off in Sight

The dawn of 5G technology was heralded as a technological revolution, promising to redefine connectivity with unprecedented speed and capacity. Promoted as the backbone for emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and an interconnected web of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, 5G aimed to usher in a new era of innovation. Yet, as […]

Potential Perturbation of the Ionosphere by Megaconstellations and Corresponding Artificial Re-entry Plasma Dust

Will Earth’s Protective Magnetosphere Be Affected By Megaconstellations?   The paper titled “Potential Perturbation of the Ionosphere by Megaconstellations and Corresponding Artificial Re-entry Plasma Dust” by Sierra Solter-Hunt, discusses the significant impact that the growing number of satellites and their subsequent re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere could have on the planet’s ionosphere and magnetosphere. This […]

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