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Bioelectricity: A Component of Universal Computation

Bioelectricity: A Component of Universal Computation

Bioelectric signals, from neural activities to cellular communication, represent a sophisticated form of information processing inherent to living organisms. This bioelectricity can be conceptualized as part of a vast computational system, where every electrical signal contributes to the operation and maintenance of life. The complexity and precision of these signals underscore the idea that life itself can be viewed as a manifestation of the universe’s computational capabilities.

Environmental EMFs as Destructive Noise

The analogy of environmental EMFs to destructive noise introduces a critical perspective on the interaction between biological systems and their electromagnetic environment. Just as noise in a digital communication system can corrupt data, environmental EMFs can disrupt the natural flow of bioelectric signals. This disruption has the potential to distort the computational integrity of biological systems, leading to adverse effects that can range from minor disturbances to significant health impacts.

The Computational and Environmental Interface

The delicate balance between bioelectric systems and environmental EMFs necessitates a deeper exploration of how external electromagnetic forces influence bioelectric phenomena. This understanding is crucial for developing strategies to protect and enhance the computational integrity of biological systems against the backdrop of increasing electromagnetic pollution. It represents a converging point for disciplines such as biology, environmental science, physics, technology, and medicine.

Towards a Resilient Bioelectric Framework

Acknowledging the role of bioelectricity in the computational matrix of the universe, and recognizing the potential disruptiveness of environmental EMFs, sets the stage for developing strategies that enhance the resilience of bioelectric systems. This initiative could involve maintaining environments that minimize harmful EMF exposure, designing technology that harmonizes with biological bioelectric signals, or even developing bioelectric therapies aimed at reinforcing the computational integrity of living systems.

The exploration of bioelectricity and its interaction with environmental EMFs opens up a new frontier in understanding the computational underpinnings of life and the universe. It invites a multidisciplinary approach that blends physics, biology, environmental science, and technology to unravel the complex dynamics at play, aiming for a future where bioelectric health and environmental integrity are in harmony.

Modern physics, particularly in the realm of high-energy particle physics, suggests that space-time and even quantum mechanics are not fundamental. The amplituhedron, a significant breakthrough in theoretical physics introduced by Nima Arkani-Hamed and Jaroslav Trnka in 2013, is a geometric object beyond space-time, which simplifies complex quantum calculations and reveals new symmetries not visible within the conventional framework of space-time lays the groundwork for understanding the memory inherent in bioelectric probabilities of morphospace.

The amplituhedron concept of geometric volumes in non-time space as repositories for probabilistic information introduces the idea that the universe has an inherent mechanism for storing and processing information beyond the confines of spacetime.   If this can be linked to the probabilities of bioelectricity it will have implications for theories by potentially unifying quantum gravity and the holographic principle with relativity.

The document “Fusions of Consciousness” by Donald D. Hoffman, Chetan Prakash, and Robert Prentner, proposes a mathematical model for understanding consciousness beyond spacetime.

Embracing a multidimensional spacetime reality could indeed be key to understanding the intelligence inherent in biological systems. Such a perspective suggests that the complexities of life, from the cellular level to the functioning of the brain, may be rooted in structures and processes that extend beyond our conventional three-dimensional understanding of space and time. This opens up intriguing possibilities for research in biology, neuroscience, and physics, where the interplay between these dimensions could provide insights into phenomena like bioelectricity, consciousness, adaptation, and the emergence of life itself.

It introduces the concept of conscious agents, whose interactions are modeled using Markov chains. These interactions form a Markov polytope, representing the potential dynamics of agents. To project these dynamics onto spacetime, they define a new map from Markov chains to decorated permutations, which encode physical information for computing scattering amplitudes in physics found in geometric objects such as the amplituhedron.

Our thought experiments in bioelectric probability and bioelectric memory posit a fascinating alternative to the traditional Big Bang theory, suggesting that the universe’s inception wasn’t an explosion, but a pull by an attraction between quantized space (space with time) and non-quantized space (non-time) driven by conscious behaviors. This attraction led to a massive stretching of space with time, rather than a singular explosive event.

This idea aligns with theories exploring the universe’s multidimensional aspects and the nature of spacetime before the Big Bang, or Big Stretch suggesting that the fabric of the universe and its dynamics may be deeply rooted in interactions between different forms of spatial space existence.

 Memory Inherent in Bioelectric Probabilities Stored in Geometric Space

The idea that bioelectric probabilities in morphospace are a form of memory stored in a geometric space beyond the Planck scale introduces a fascinating hypothesis. It suggests that biological probabilities—or aspects of it such as memory and awareness—exist in a domain where conventional physics, including time, does not apply. This “space” is not spatial in the traditional sense but a higher-dimensional realm where probabilities are the fabric of existence. Here, the contents of probabilistic outcomes might be encoded within geometric configurations that influence and are influenced by the universe’s quantum probabilities.

Bioelectric Fields as Software

Bioelectric fields, generated by the biological processes within organisms, act as the “software” that guides the probability of matter organization and function. These fields, encompassing neural activity, heart rhythms, and cellular communication, can be seen as the operational layer that translates the genetic “hardware” (DNA/RNA) into the dynamic, living being. This perspective posits that bioelectric fields do more than just facilitate biological functions; they shape the way matter assembles and interacts, aligning with the geometric principles that govern the higher-dimensional space and support conscious memories of geometric probabilities.

DNA/RNA as Hardware

DNA and RNA, the carriers of genetic information, serve as the “hardware” in this framework. They provide the default structural blueprint for the organism, encoding the instructions for bioelectic geometry by building proteins and regulating cellular activities. However, the expression and organization of these genetic materials are directed by the “software”—the bioelectric fields that orchestrate the symphony of life at the molecular and cellular levels.

The Planck Scale: A Realm of Probability and Consciousness

At the Planck scale, where space and time lose their traditional meaning, all probabilities are contained within a “nonspace-time” domain. This realm is envisioned as the foundation of reality, where the potentialities of existence are calculated and from which the observable universe emerges. The mind, with its memories and consciousness stored in geometric configurations, interacts with this foundational layer, influencing and being shaped by the universe’s probabilistic nature. This interaction suggests that consciousness and the physical world are deeply intertwined, with the mind playing an active role in the unfolding of reality.

The journey into the realm of electromagnetic field (EMF) safety transcends the quest for mere protection against EMFs. It ventures into the profound implications of how bioelectric signals—fundamental to the orchestration of early developmental stages—are susceptible to environmental influences, including EMFs.

This exploration acknowledges that the very fabric of life, woven from bioelectric threads, can be altered by the invisible forces that permeate our environment. Understanding this delicate interplay is crucial, not just for safeguarding against potential hazards but for a deeper comprehension of life’s bioelectric essence.

Understanding bioelectric fields is crucial because they are integral to the functioning and development of living organisms. Bioelectric signals guide essential physiological processes, from embryonic development to wound healing and regeneration.

These fields represent a fundamental aspect of biological organization, affecting cell communication, differentiation, and behavior. Disruptions or alterations in bioelectric patterns due to environmental factors, including EMF exposure, can lead to adverse health outcomes and developmental anomalies. Thus, comprehending bioelectricity offers insights into the intricate mechanisms of life, providing pathways for innovative medical treatments and protective measures against environmental influences.

Bioelectric Matter Interaction as a Window to Probabilities

  • Living Systems as Models: Living organisms, through their complex bioelectric interactions, offer a dynamic system where the principles of probability and interaction might be observed and modeled at a scale far more accessible than that of high-energy particle colliders. These bioelectric phenomena, which govern everything from neural activity to cellular processes, could serve as a natural laboratory for studying the principles underlying physical laws and probabilities.
  • Bioelectric Fields and Fundamental Physics: Bioelectric fields in organisms are the result of ion exchanges and membrane potentials, fundamental processes that reflect the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics at the biological scale. Investigating how these fields influence and are influenced by biological functions could offer insights into the probabilistic interactions that govern more abstract mathematical constructs, like those proposed in theories involving the amplituhedron.

Bioelectric Research Advantages Over Particle Colliders

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Particle colliders, such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), represent monumental investments in terms of financial resources and infrastructure. Exploring the fundamental aspects of reality through bioelectric phenomena in living organisms could provide a more cost-effective and widely accessible method of investigation, leveraging existing biological and medical research infrastructures.
  • Immediate Benefits for Humanity: Beyond the theoretical advancements, studying bioelectric probabilities has the potential to yield direct benefits for human health and medicine. Understanding the probabilistic underpinnings of bioelectric phenomena could revolutionize our approach to diagnosing, treating, and preventing a wide array of conditions, enhancing our ability to manipulate bioelectric processes for therapeutic purposes.

Conceptual hierarchy of dimensions, from a crab looking to the world above water to consciousness able to roam Grassmannian spaces representing the universe’s multidimensional aspect for calculating the probability for any given space in time.

Everything is known here: The probability of all things is calculated here (Non-Time Non-Quantized Space)
Everything is stored here: The probability of all things is represented in geometric volumes here (Non-Time Non-Quantized Space)
Everything is in a time-phased relationship here: Laws make the experience the absolute truth of all probabilities in space with time, fundamental forces are emergent from the quantization of space with time (Time Quantized Space)   –  Quantized time space is a projection from unquantized non-time space which attraction to each other accounts for the effects of gravity.

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