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Arkansas Judge Rips Into Hunter Biden for Redacting Financial Info in Child Support Trial

Arkansas Judge Expresses Displeasure with Hunter Biden’s Redacted Financial Info in Child Support Trial

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is currently facing a child support trial in Arkansas. However, the proceedings have hit a snag as the judge presiding over the case, Holly Meyer, expressed her displeasure with Mr. Biden’s legal team for redacting financial information that could be relevant to the case.

During a virtual hearing, Judge Meyer criticized the legal team for “sealing and redacting” financial information, stating that it was unacceptable to redact information that could be relevant to the case. The judge noted that the public had a right to know the full extent of Mr. Biden’s financial situation, especially since he was seeking to reduce his child support payments.

Judge Holly Meyer Criticizes Hunter Biden and Legal Team for ‘Sealing and Redacting’ Financial Information

Judge Meyer did not hold back in her criticism of Hunter Biden and his legal team, stating that their actions were not in the best interests of the child. She also suggested that Mr. Biden’s recent sale of his artwork could be relevant to the case, and suggested that the Manhattan art gallery that sold Mr. Biden’s paintings be subpoenaed to determine the income he earned from those sales.

The judge went on to say that if Mr. Biden continued to redact financial information, it could be seen as an attempt to hide something from the court. She stated that transparency was important in cases such as these, and that Mr. Biden needed to comply with the court’s orders so that the case could proceed.

Judge Suggests Subpoena of Manhattan Art Gallery to Determine Hunter Biden’s Art Sales Income

The suggestion to subpoena the Manhattan art gallery that sold Hunter Biden’s artwork is a significant development in the child support case. The judge’s reasoning behind this suggestion is that it could provide insight into Mr. Biden’s income, which could be relevant to the child support case.

Mr. Biden’s legal team has argued that his income has decreased significantly due to his struggles with addiction, but the judge has expressed skepticism about these claims. If the subpoena is granted, it could potentially shed light on whether Mr. Biden’s art sales have provided him with a substantial amount of income that he has not disclosed to the court.

Overall, the judge’s suggestions and criticisms indicate that the child support trial is not going to be an easy road for Hunter Biden. The judge has set discovery deadlines and deposition dates, and has refused to delay the trial despite Mr. Biden’s requests. It remains to be seen what further developments will occur in this case, but one thing is clear: transparency and compliance with court orders will be key factors in the outcome.

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