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Apple iPhone Radiation Levels Compared Over The History Of iPhone Models

The Evolution of SAR Values in Apple iPhones: An Eye-Opener

For most of us, the terms ‘cell phones’ and ‘radiation’ ring alarm bells. The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), is a metric that’s become essential in understanding our phones’ safety levels. As one of the leading smartphone manufacturers globally, Apple’s iPhone SAR values have long been under the magnifying glass. In this deep dive, we’re not just presenting numbers but revealing startling insights about what these figures imply.

What is the Specific Absorption Rate?

Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR, is a measure of how much radio frequency energy the human body absorbs from a mobile device when it’s in use. It’s measured in watts per kilogram (W/kg) and is an indication of the potential exposure a person has to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from their phone. Regulatory agencies worldwide have set limits on SAR levels but the FCC hasn’t updated its guidelines in a quarter of a century.

Before We Jump In

It’s pivotal to clarify that the below SAR values relate to cellular-only usage. Meaning, during these measurements, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities were switched off. These conditions ensure we’re comparing apples to apples (pun intended).  Please see the main phone details page for additional Simultaneous SAR values for each model

Apple iPhone SAR Values: What the Numbers Say

Apple iPhone Model Head SAR Body SAR
iPhone 15 Pro Max 1.07 W/kg 1.11 W/kg
iPhone 15 Pro 1.14 W/kg 1.16 W/kg
iPhone 15 1.12 W/kg 1.09 W/kg
iPhone 14 Pro Max 1.15 W/kg 1.07 W/kg
iPhone 14 Pro 1.15 W/kg 1.15 W/kg
iPhone 14 Plus 1.14 W/kg 1.15 W/kg
iPhone 14 1.15 W/kg 1.16 W/kg
iPhone SE (3rd Gen) 1.20 W/kg 1.20 W/kg
iPhone 13 Pro Max 1.18 W/kg 1.20 W/kg
iPhone 13 Pro 1.20 W/kg 1.19 W/kg
iPhone 13 Mini 1.19 W/kg 1.19 W/kg
iPhone 13 1.18 W/kg 1.19 W/kg
iPhone 12 Pro Max 1.17 W/kg 1.20 W/kg
iPhone 12 Pro 1.17 W/kg 1.19 W/kg
iPhone 12 Mini 1.19 W/kg 1.19 W/kg
iPhone 12 1.17 W/kg 1.19 W/kg
iPhone SE (2nd Gen) 1.17 W/kg 1.20 W/kg
iPhone 11 Pro Max 1.16 W/kg 1.17 W/kg
iPhone 11 Pro 1.16 W/kg 1.18 W/kg
iPhone 11 1.14 W/kg 1.17 W/kg
iPhone XS Max 1.16 W/kg 1.17 W/kg
iPhone XS 1.19 W/kg 1.18 W/kg
iPhone XR 1.13 W/kg 1.16 W/kg
iPhone X 1.12 W/kg 1.19 W/kg
iPhone 8 Plus 1.19 W/kg 1.19 W/kg
iPhone 8 1.14 W/kg 1.08 W/kg
iPhone 7 Plus 1.09 W/kg 1.1 W/kg
iPhone 7 1.11 W/kg 1.14 W/kg
iPhone SE 1.14 W/kg 1.14 W/kg
iPhone 6S Plus 1.12 W/kg 1.14 W/kg
iPhone 6S 1.14 W/kg 1.14 W/kg
iPhone 6 Plus 1.19 W/kg 1.14 W/kg
iPhone 6 1.18 W/kg 1.19 W/kg
iPhone 5S 1.18 W/kg 1.18 W/kg
iPhone 5C 1.19 W/kg 1.18 W/kg
iPhone 5 1.06 W/kg 1.19 W/kg
iPhone 4S 1.18 W/kg 1.18 W/kg
iPhone 4 1.17 W/kg 1.19 W/kg
iPhone 3GS 1.19 W/kg 0.67 W/kg

The Numbers in Perspective

  1. Highs and Lows: The iPhone SE (3rd Gen), with a head and body SAR value of 1.20 W/kg, marks the peak. Contrast this with the iPhone 3GS‘ body SAR of 0.67 W/kg, and we see a staggering 79% increase.
  2. The French Controversy: Notably, devices like the iPhone 12 made headlines when they were reportedly banned in parts of France over exceeding SAR levels. A clear indication that SAR concerns are not just theoretical but have real-world implications.
  3. An Unsettling Trend: Moving from the 3G era up to newer devices, there’s an undeniable upward trajectory in SAR values. While the world has been engrossed in chasing faster speeds, crystal-clear resolutions, and colossal storage capacities, there’s been an inadvertent increase in radiation exposure. It’s disconcerting to think that in the race for technological advancements, health considerations might have taken a backseat.

What This Means for the Consumer

  • Shifting Priorities: While it’s exciting to flaunt the latest tech, these findings prompt a rethink. Should pixel count and processor speed be our only benchmarks? Or do we need a more holistic approach that factors in long-term health impacts?
  • Time for Change: The increasing trend in SAR values over the years is a wake-up call for both manufacturers and consumers. The focus needs to pivot towards ensuring that advancements in technology align with the well-being of users.

Final Thoughts

The SAR saga of Apple iPhones is more than just numbers—it’s a narrative of our times. While technological marvels dazzle us, it’s crucial to stay informed and prioritize health. After all, the best tech is the one that serves us without compromising our well-being.


How To Minimize iPhone Radiation With Style

In our accelerating digital age, our reliance on mobile devices is only outpaced by our increasing concerns about the associated health implications. This pressing concern around radiation exposure has a simple starting point for a solution. Enter the QuantaCase, a pioneering solution built with both precision and purpose. Here’s a deep dive into its workings, benefits, and what sets it apart.

Is QuantaCase Your Phone’s Guardian?

If you’re on the hunt for an elegantly engineered solution that doesn’t just dress your phone but earnestly seeks to reduce radiation exposure, QuantaCase is your answer. Every nook, cranny, and feature is meticulously designed to prioritize your health over mere aesthetics.

Distinctive Design Choices: All Intentional

  • Purposeful Absences: While many phone cases casually incorporate metal loops for carrying straps, QuantaCase conscientiously excludes them. Such metallic components can disrupt a phone’s antenna function, leading to unpredictable radiation emissions.
  • The Non-Detachable Advantage: Forget detachable components. QuantaCase’s solid, non-detachable design ensures there’s no spike in RF exposure. Metal plates and magnets can interfere with phone antennas, but this case sidesteps that risk entirely.

Stepping into the 5G Era

Most cases remain stuck in the past, with designs that inadvertently compromise radiation protection, especially in the 5G spectrum. Not QuantaCase. Its forward-thinking design includes a shielded speaker hole tailored for 5G, ensuring unparalleled protection. Plus, its user-friendly design allows you to validate the shielding’s efficacy without ripping the case apart—a testament to its transparency.

The Thought Behind a Single RFID-Blocking Slot

With a legacy spanning over two decades, QuantaCase’s decision to embed just one RFID-blocking slot is informed by exhaustive research. The design ensures that RF shielding aligns perfectly with the phone’s front. This not only optimizes radiation protection but also offers a convenient slot for transient-use cards.

Innovations Rooted in Safety and Convenience

  • The One-Finger Side Latch: This isn’t just an ergonomic marvel. By keeping the user’s digit away from the phone, this design reduces direct radiation exposure, fusing style with safety.
  • Sleek Yet Safe: Drawing inspiration from nature, QuantaCase’s thin design is deliberate. Just as tree leaves can obstruct 5G signals, a thicker case might inadvertently boost radiation exposure. With QuantaCase, you get an optimal balance of style and security.
  • A Stand for Safety: The in-built landscape view stand is more than a convenience tool. It’s a conscious addition to maintain a safe distance from your device, especially during high data tasks.

Maximizing QuantaCase’s Protective Utility

Whether you’re making a call, storing your phone, or texting, QuantaCase offers guidelines to optimize radiation protection. Following these can substantially minimize exposure.

Why QuantaCase Stands Out: Truth in Marketing

Radiation protection isn’t a straight-forward metric. Just as shadows aren’t voids of light, a case boasting of 99% radiation blockage doesn’t equate to 99% protection in real-world usage. With a legacy of 25 years, QuantaCase focuses on pragmatic, effective radiation shielding. Beyond its core protective function, it elevates phone usability, and assists in single-handed phone access.

Why Prioritize Radiation Safety?

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies cell phone radiation as a potential carcinogen. Numerous reputable studies, including those by the Interphone, Hardell, CERENAT, and U.S. National Toxicology Program, hint at the health risks of electromagnetic radiation. With each generation of wireless networks and their untested frequency modulations, the need for precaution intensifies. QuantaCase is your trusted ally in this endeavor.

QuantaCase isn’t just another phone accessory; it’s a beacon of health-first innovation. It’s a statement that you’re not just safeguarding your phone, but, more crucially, protecting yourself. With QuantaCase, you’re not just RF safe; you’re RF sure.

For more queries, reach out to the QuantaCase support team at 1 (844) 4 RF SAFE.

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