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Apple IPhone 13 Design Review: A Sleek And Modern Look

Apple iPhone 13 Design Review: A Sleek and Modern Look

The Apple iPhone 13 comes with a sleek and modern design that is sure to impress. It has a bar design with dimensions of 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.7 mm (5.78 x 2.81 x 0.30 in) and weighs 174 g (6.14 oz). The phone is available in five different colors, including Starlight, Midnight, Blue, Pink, and Red.

Apple iPhone 13 design Review
Apple iPhone 13
design Type
design Dimensions
146.7 x 71.5 x 7.7 mm (5.78 x 2.81 x 0.30 in)
design Weight
174 g (6.14 oz)
design Colors
Starlight, Midnight, Blue, Pink, Red
design Build
Glass front (Gorilla Glass), glass back (Gorilla Glass), aluminum frame
Design Review
Review Apple iPhone 13 Design Review

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The phone features a glass front and back, protected by Gorilla Glass, and an aluminum frame, making it sturdy and durable. The design is not too different from its predecessor, the iPhone 12, but it does come with a few notable differences.

One of the new design features of the iPhone 13 is the smaller notch, which gives the phone a more modern look. Additionally, the rear camera module is now diagonally aligned, which adds a unique touch to the design.

Overall, the design of the iPhone 13 is sleek and modern, with a few subtle changes that make it stand out from its predecessor.


1. Does the iPhone 13 come with a headphone jack?

No, the iPhone 13 does not come with a headphone jack. Users will need to use wireless headphones or a Lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter.

2. Is the iPhone 13 water-resistant?

Yes, the iPhone 13 is water and dust-resistant with an IP68 rating.

3. Can the iPhone 13 be charged wirelessly?

Yes, the iPhone 13 can be charged wirelessly with a compatible charger.

4. Is there a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 13?

No, the iPhone 13 does not come with a fingerprint scanner. Instead, it uses Face ID for authentication.

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