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A Personal Mission: Bridging Physics and Biology to Protect Future Generations

In the 1990s, I founded RF Safe online to investigate the biological impacts of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), driven by a personal tragedy that profoundly shaped my life and work. My daughter, born with a neural tube defect (NTD), fought bravely but briefly for life. Neural tube defects are severe malformations of the brain and spine that occur when the embryonic neural tube, the precursor to the central nervous system, fails to close properly by the 28th day after conception. This defect can lead to conditions like anencephaly, where significant portions of the brain and skull do not develop.

The pain of losing my daughter was compounded by research suggesting that high EMF exposure in occupational environments could increase the risk of NTDs by as much as 300%. This finding resonated with my experience, as my daughter’s mother was exposed to significant EMR levels while working with powerful radio equipment during her pregnancy. Driven by this, I made a solemn vow over my daughter’s last breaths: to uncover and combat the hidden dangers that had stolen her future.

This quest led to the conceptualization of The Genesis Framework, an ambitious project aiming to unify the laws of physics with the complex processes of biological development. This framework is not just a scientific model; it is a personal crusade to ensure that future generations are safeguarded against the invisible threats that pervade our increasingly technological world.

Why The Genesis Framework Matters

The Genesis Framework endeavors to redefine our understanding of the universe by aligning classical physics with a higher-dimensional space. This alignment is crucial because it seeks to explain how bioelectric gradients—vital for the early stages of embryonic development—are influenced by the broader electromagnetic environment.

In developing this framework, I am driven by the hope that we can one day simulate the entire process of life unfolding—from DNA to the final structures of the living organism—within a unified physical model. By understanding how the memory encoded in the fabric of space directs the organization of matter, from galaxies to quantum particles, we open up new possibilities for medical science, particularly in the fields of developmental biology and prenatal care.

The Role of Bioelectric Potentials

Bioelectric potentials are crucial in guiding developmental processes. These potentials help orchestrate the beautifully complex choreography of cells as they divide, differentiate, and organize into the tissues and organs that form a new being. Any disruption to these delicate processes, especially during critical periods like the first month of pregnancy, can lead to devastating outcomes.

With The Genesis Framework, we aim to create a tool that can predict and perhaps mitigate disruptions in bioelectric signaling caused by environmental factors, including EMFs. By simulating how these forces interact on a quantum level and across dimensions, we could potentially develop technologies that not only protect but also optimize embryonic development in the face of various environmental challenges.

A Promise to the Future

This framework is more than a scientific endeavor; it is a promise to my daughter—a vow to protect other children from the unseen dangers that lie in wait. It is a commitment to transform grief into action, ensuring that her brief life continues to inspire change and progress in the world.

By integrating the complexities of bioelectric phenomena with the foundational principles of physics through The Genesis Framework, we step closer to a future where the interplay between our bodies and the environment is not only understood but also safeguarded. This is my mission: to decode the mysteries of life and the universe, not just to satisfy scientific curiosity but to heal and protect the vulnerable among us.


John R Coates


The Genesis Framework: Redefining Health Through Higher-Dimensional Physics

Founded during my quest to understand and mitigate the biological impacts of EMR, the Framework aims to unify the laws of physics with biological processes, potentially transforming medical science and safeguarding future generations.

Curving Space to Navigate Continuum: Traditional physics views gravity as the curvature of spacetime dictated by mass-energy, influencing the movement of celestial bodies and the flow of time. The Genesis Framework, however, introduces a novel concept where gravity is a dynamic process managing the informational entropy states. By this understanding, the Framework removes the necessity of curved space, proposing instead a direct interaction within a higher-dimensional space where bioelectric and biophysical memory processes unfold.

Bioelectric Signaling and Regenerative Medicine: Bioelectric potentials are crucial for the orchestrated development of living organisms, guiding cellular activities necessary for growth and regeneration. Disruptions in these signals, as evidenced by the biological impacts of EMR, can lead to severe developmental issues and increased susceptibility to diseases like cancer. The Genesis Framework suggests that these disruptions are due to ‘fuzzy’ interactions within the continuum of bioelectric information, exacerbated by environmental EMF exposure.

Integrating Bioelectric Potentials: By modeling the universe as a continuum where higher-dimensional spaces influence and govern the flow of energy and information, the Genesis Framework opens new pathways for understanding and correcting anomalies in bioelectric signaling. This approach not only aims to explain but also to rectify the disturbances that lead to diseases, using our advanced understanding of how energy and information flow through higher-dimensional spaces.

Implications for Health and Environment: The practical implications of this Framework are profound. It enables the development of new technologies and therapeutic approaches that could realign bioelectric signals, enhancing the body’s natural regenerative processes and mitigating the effects of harmful environmental exposures. Furthermore, by simulating the intricate dance of DNA and cellular structures within this model, we move closer to predictive and preventive medicine.

The Genesis Framework is a visionary integration of physics, biology, and environmental science. It challenges us to rethink our approach to health and disease, suggesting that the universe’s most fundamental forces are not only the ones we have already recognized but also include those that govern the flow of information and energy across dimensions of space. As we continue to explore and validate this Framework, we are paving the way for a future where the very fabric of reality is understood and interacted with in ways that promote life, health, and sustainability.

Genesis Framework offers a novel interpretation of physical reality that doesn’t necessarily aim to replace existing theories or invent new mathematics but seeks to expand the conceptual space within which we understand the universe. Here’s a detailed exploration of how this framework approaches the ideas of space, time, and gravity:

Rethinking Curved Space and Time

  • Curved Space as Processed Space: Traditional physics, particularly general relativity, views gravity as the effect of curved spacetime caused by mass and energy. The Genesis Framework, however, posits that what we perceive as curved space is actually the visual manifestation of a dynamic, ongoing processing of space itself. This processing is an inverse rate phenomenon that, while mathematically analogous to 2D curved space, actually occurs within a 4D spatial framework.
  • Time as a Measure of Processing Speed: In this framework, time is redefined not as a dimension parallel to space but as a metric of the speed at which space is processed into a lower entropy state. This redefinition aligns with aspects of the holographic principle, suggesting that what we experience as the flow of time is the rate at which gravity encodes three-dimensional space into a four-dimensional informational structure.

Integration with the Holographic Principle

  • From Projection to Memory: Unlike traditional interpretations of the holographic principle, which often suggest our universe is a kind of projection from a lower-dimensional boundary, the Genesis Framework views the holographic aspect as a memory layer. This layer isn’t projecting reality but storing it, creating a continuously updated archive of the universe’s state at every moment.
  • 4D Space as a Continuum of Memory: The holographic memory in the Genesis Framework isn’t static or merely reflective; it’s dynamic and integral to the function of the universe. It captures the informational essence of space as it is processed by gravitational forces, preserving it in a form that transcends traditional three-dimensional constraints.

Implications and Applications

  • Technology and Understanding: Recognizing space as an actively processed, stored phenomenon could dramatically change how we interact with and manipulate the physical world. Technologies that can directly interface with or alter this 4D informational continuum might become possible, leading to advancements in fields ranging from quantum computing to space travel.
  • Philosophical and Scientific Expansion: By proposing that time and gravity are deeply entwined with the processing and storage of space, the Genesis Framework encourages a broader philosophical reflection on the nature of reality. It suggests that our universe is more intricately connected and informationally rich than traditionally conceived.


The Genesis Framework doesn’t challenge the validity of existing physical theories as much as it offers a broader context in which to understand them. It provides a conceptual model where curved space and the passage of time are aspects of a deeper, informationally based reality. This approach doesn’t just reshape our understanding of the cosmos; it opens up new avenues for both theoretical exploration and practical application, hinting at a future where our interaction with the universe is as much about information and memory as it is about energy and matter.

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