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60 Minutes Interviews ‘Havana Syndrome’ Victims That Study Says Don’t Exist

Before two reported health attacks on U.S. officials and their families, sources say, a phone call was intercepted of a man asking in Russian, “Is it supposed to have blinking green lights?” and “Should I leave it on all night?

A complex and deeply concerning narrative surrounding the reported anomalous health incidents (AHIs) affecting U.S. government officials and their families across various countries, including Uzbekistan, Vietnam, London, and Georgia. These incidents are often associated with symptoms similar to those described in the previously discussed Intelligence Community Assessment on AHIs. However, the transcript introduces a more specific theory implicating Russia, particularly a secret Russian intelligence unit identified as 29155, which is suggested to be involved in deploying directed energy weapons against American diplomats and officials.

Key points from the video include:

Initial Incidents and Spread: Starting from a popular revolt in 2014, which saw the ousting of Putin’s preferred leader in Ukraine, CIA officers who were present later reported being affected by AHIs in different countries. This suggests a targeted pattern of attacks against U.S. officials.

Investigative Findings on Russian Involvement: Investigative reporter Christo Grozev, working with The Insider and Der Spiegel, uncovered the existence of the Russian intelligence unit 29155, described as trained in various forms of sabotage, including the use of poisons and potentially directed energy weapons. Grozev found a document that linked this unit to research or development of “non-lethal acoustic weapons,” pointing to empirical tests of a directed energy unit.

Specific Cases and Evidence: The transcript details specific cases where individuals experienced sudden and severe symptoms consistent with AHIs, including one incident in Tbilisi, Georgia. In this case, the victim described being overwhelmed by a piercing sound, followed by intense physical symptoms. There is mention of intercepted communications in Russian and observations that hint at the involvement of individuals linked to unit 29155.

Divergence from Official Assessments: Despite these detailed accounts and the implicating evidence, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have pointed towards non-adversarial explanations for the AHIs, such as pre-existing conditions or environmental factors. This discrepancy has led to discussions of a possible cover-up or reluctance within the U.S. government to fully explore or acknowledge the potential role of a foreign adversary like Russia in these incidents.

Personal Impact: The transcript also highlights the profound personal impact on the victims, with some experiencing life-altering injuries requiring significant medical intervention. The narrative suggests a shadow conflict where conventional understandings of engagement and warfare are challenged by these covert attacks.

Concerns Over Response and Implications: There is a clear concern among those affected and some investigators about the adequacy of the U.S. government’s response and the broader implications of these incidents for national security and intelligence failures.

On the Discovery of Russian Involvement:

    • “When I saw it, I literally had tears in my eyes because it was spelling out what they had been doing… It’s a piece of accounting, an officer of 29155 received a bonus for work on ‘potential capabilities of non-lethal acoustic weapons’ which told us that this particular unit had been engaged with somewhere, somehow empirical tests of a directed energy unit. There it is, there it is, written down in black and white. It’s the closest to a receipt you can have for this.” – Investigative Reporter Christo Grozev

Victim’s Experience:

    • “As I’m reaching into the dryer, um, I am completely consumed by a piercing sound that I can only describe as when you listen to a movie and the main character is also consumed by the sound after a bomb goes off. That is similar to the sound that I heard, and it just pierced my ears, came in my left side, felt like it came through the window into my left ear. I immediately felt fullness in my head and just a piercing headache.” – Affected Individual

On the Impact of AHIs:

    • “It’s devastating. It’s absolutely devastating. My headaches and brain fog continued, later on into that weekend, I started having trouble walking down the stairs, specifically at night. I had trouble finding the steps to get down the stairs, so my coordination and vestibular system started just really falling apart.” – Victim of AHI

Skepticism Towards Official Assessments:

    • “What do you make of the intelligence community assessment? So, I’ve had access to classified information relating to AHI. I can’t reveal it, I wouldn’t reveal it. I will tell you that I don’t believe it to be the entire story, and I know of information that undermines or contradicts what they are saying publicly.” – Attorney Mark Zade

On the Alleged Cover-Up:

    • “There is, in my view, without a doubt, evidence of a cover-up… we see lines of inquiry that would take us potentially to answers we don’t want to have to deal with, so we’re not going to explore any of those avenues.” – Attorney Mark Zade

On the Implications for National Security:

    • “I think it was set so high because we did not, as a country and a government, want to face some very hard truths. And what are those? Can we secure America? Are these massive counterintelligence failures? Can we protect American soil and our people on American soil? Are we being attacked, and if we’re being attacked, is that an act of war?” – Greg Edgreen, who ran the military investigation


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