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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Level

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  • This level ranks #0 among popular smart phones sold in the USA. Which puts the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus level at % of the 1.60 W/kg legal limit!

    We have six different official FCC SAR test available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus in two categories. (each ranked separately) Please select each of the following six available test reports to see how many RF Safe radiation warnings there are for each SAR.
    Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin 0.27W/kg towards the 2.00W/kg target.0.27W/kgRaised 0.27W/kg towards the 2.00W/kg target.13.50%
    Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has a EU Head SAR of 0.27 W/kg which is 13.50% of the EU legal limit of 2.00 W/kg!

    Phone radiation limits are different depending on where you live. The FCC/IC (USA Standard) and the Council of the European Union (EU Standard) are measured over a different amount of tissue, either 1g or 10 grams, and different maximum power levels of 1.6 W/kg vs. 2.0 W/kg, so they are not directly comparable.

    • The SAR limit set by the FCC/IC is 1.6W/kg, averaged over 1 gram of actual tissue.
    • The SAR limit recommended by the Council of the European Union is 2.0W/kg averaging over 10 g of actual tissue. Click these links to display EU ratings for   EU Head and EU Body