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LG G4 Radiation Levels

Head SAR (Simultaneous)
Head SAR (Simultaneous)
W/kg is Ranked #0 at % of Legal Limit
More Info:
Radiation LevelsHEAD BODY HOT SPOT
Cellular Only0.72 W/kg0.75 W/kg1.18 W/kg
Wi-Fi + Cellular000

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LG G4 Safety Tip: Turning Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Reduces Radiation.

This SAR chart reveals how turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your LG G4 can significantly reduce your exposure to radiation. Our SAR comparison chart shows that by simply turning off these transmitters, you can lower the RF radiation exposure to your head by %, and you can lower exposure to the body by %, when considering these differences between cellular-only (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth OFF) and simultaneous use exposure (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth ON), a wise way to reduce excessive phone radiation is to tap off unnecessary transmitters when not in use. Additionally, when using your phone as a hotspot, turning off Bluetooth can reduce your exposure by up to 100% according to the FCC SAR report for device number ZNFH815.

LG G4 SAR Levels

Comparison of SAR levels between cellular-only and simultaneous exposure
Cellular Only(% DIFF)Wi-Fi + Cellular
0.72 W/kgHEAD
0.75 W/kgBODY
1.18 W/kgHOTSPOT

Avoid Excessive g4 Cell Phone Radiation!

To minimize the potential health risks associated with cell phone radiation, it’s important to reduce exposure as much as possible. This can be achieved by using hands-free devices and keeping the phone away from the body, as well as by using a phone case with built-in radiation shielding technology.

The best example is the RF Safe® g4 QuantaCase™ RFS1. This case is designed to deflect the strongest line-of-sight radiation away from the body while not obstructing the phone’s antenna. RF shielding technology reduces excessive radiation exposure across a wide range of radio frequencies, including 5G, Wi-Fi, and cellular. Additionally, the case features an integrated single-slot RFID-blocking wallet for added security.

The QuantaCase RFS1 provides RFID and anti-radiation protection without any conductive or signal-impeding components in the back of the case, allowing the phone to operate at its lowest possible output level and reducing the amount of harmful radiation emitted. The case also protects the phone from scratches, cracks, and dings.

To use the RF Safe® g4 QuantaCase™ RFS1 effectively, it’s recommended to always close the front flip cover and use the speakerphone when privacy is not an issue. When storing in a pocket, face the front flap towards the body to deflect the strongest line-of-sight radiation. When texting, fold the flap behind the phone to shield the back while held in hand.

It’s important to keep in mind that maintaining a distance from the phone is the best way to reduce EMF exposure. However, using a phone case with built-in radiation shielding technology like the RF Safe® g4 QuantaCase™ RFS1 can provide an extra layer of protection in an ultra-thin design.

The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of a mobile device measures the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by the body during device usage.

The SAR values for the g4 (FCC ID ZNFH815) are as follows:

  • 0.72 W/kg when held at the head with cellular transmission only
  • 0.75 W/kg when worn on the body with cellular transmission only
  • 1.18 W/kg when used as a Hotspot or Airplay
  • when used as a Hotspot simultaneously with other transmitters active.

LG G4 - SAR Levels

FCC SAR Levels

  • FCC Approval Date This is the date the phone SAR test was completed before the phone's release to the public as required by law.
    15 April 2015
  • FCC ID The FCC ID is the code used to register a device for FCC compliance
  • Head SAR Level SAR test when held against your head when only using cellular service. Wifi and other transmitter are NOT active
    0.72 W/kg
  • Body SAR Level SAR test when held against your body only using cellular service. Wifi and other transmitter are NOT active
    0.75 W/kg
  • Product Specific Use SAR test when held against your body only using the phone as a hotspot. Cellular and other transmitter are NOT active
    1.18 W/kg
  • Simultaneous Transmission The highest possible SAR recorded with ALL transmitters active, Cellular, WiFi, and Hotspot
    1.43 W/kg

EU SAR Level

  • Head SAR Level
    0.62 W/kg head

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