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Only purchase the QuantaCase if you seek a meticulously crafted, ultra-thin, and sleek phone radiation mitigation solution

Important Consideration: Only purchase the QuantaCase if you seek a meticulously crafted, ultra-thin, and sleek phone radiation mitigation solution that aims to minimize your radiation exposure while ensuring the lowest possible radiation output from your device.

Design Precision: Whether the QuantaCase incorporates a specific design feature or lacks one, every detail is intentional. Each element is purposefully chosen to prioritize minimizing radiation exposure.


Purposeful Omissions in QuantaCase Design for Optimal Protection:

  • No Metal Loops: Unlike some phone cases, QuantaCase deliberately excludes metal carrying strap loops. When such conductive loops are placed between the phone’s antenna and the user’s ear, they can instigate unpredictable radiation flux patterns around the head, increasing potential risks. It’s essential to understand the consequences of metal elements near a phone’s antenna for those concerned about radiation exposure.
  • Non-Detachable Design: The QuantaCase stands apart with its non-detachable design. This choice ensures that there’s no escalation in RF exposure due to the interference of metal plates and magnets with the phone’s antenna. Before investing in a detachable anti-radiation phone case, it’s crucial to research and comprehend how phone radiation levels can adjust in the presence of detachable components. Making informed choices is key to maximizing protection.


QuantaCase’s 5G-Ready Advantage:

While many anti-radiation cases feature unshielded holes, compromising shielding at higher GHz spectrums typical of 5G and new satellite communication features, QuantaCase stands out. It boasts a uniquely shielded speaker hole, designed for the 5G era. This not only ensures enhanced radiation protection but also allows users to easily verify the shielding’s conductivity with a simple ohm meter. In comparison, competitor cases would need to be torn apart for the same test. QuantaCase delivers superior protection and transparency in one compact design.

Why Just One RFID-Blocking Card Slot? Insights from 25 Years of Experience: QuantaCase’s decision to incorporate a single RFID-blocking card slot is rooted in two and a half decades of knowledge and research. RF shielding is most effective when perfectly aligned with the device’s body, ensuring minimal out-of-parallelism. Over the years, one slot has proven optimal, allowing users to isolate temporary use RFID cards like hotel room keys, ensuring minimal exposure to personal credit card details. Overloading this slot is discouraged. QuantaCase aims to reduce radiation exposure from your phone above all else, for daily RFID cards, we recommend a separate carrying solution to ensure both RF safety and security.

Strategic Design for Maximum Safety: The One-Finger Side Latch:

QuantaCase’s innovative one-finger side latch is not just about aesthetics and slim design. Meticulously crafted for use with either the thumb or finger, this standout feature provides an added layer of protection. By positioning the latch magnets strategically, the design distances the user’s thumb or finger from the side of the phone, reducing direct contact with radiation-emitting areas. The latch not only ensures the front shielded cover remains securely fastened but also prioritizes user safety by adding protective distance between the user and phone where it is possible without increasing output power. This thoughtful design showcases QuantaCase’s, experience and commitment to marrying style with health-conscious functionality.

Why QuantaCase is So Thin?  Science Meets Design

Ever noticed how tree leaves can disrupt 5G signals? It’s due to 5G’s shorter high-frequency wavelengths being easily obstructed. With this in mind, RF Safe’s QuantaCase is purposefully the thinnest anti-radiation case out there. A thicker case might cause phones to increase output power to maintain an optimal connection to the tower, leading to more radiation. QuantaCase ensures optimal signal strength while minimizing radiation exposure, blending sleekness with safety.

QuantaCase’s Built-In Stand to Maximize Safety with Distance: 

The QuantaCase isn’t just about shielding; it’s about proactive protection. Equipped with a built-in landscape view stand, it ensures you can easily maintain a safe distance from your device, especially during data-intensive tasks like streaming. Phones can emit more radiation when demanding more data, so next time you’re about to watch a high-resolution video or engage in heavy web browsing, simply deploy the QuantaCase stand. Enjoy your content from a safe distance of at least a couple of feet. With QuantaCase, you get the optimal blend of convenience and protection.

  1. During Calls Held To Ear: After initiating or receiving a call, close the radiation-shielding front flap. Continue your conversation normally with the shielded cover between the body and the device – the microphone and speaker are fully functional for private calls. However, opt for the speakerphone feature when feasible for added safety.
  2. Storing in Your Pocket: Ensure the shielded front flap faces your body. This deflects the most potent line-of-sight radiation away, offering you added protection.
  3. Texting: For text communications, fold the flap behind the phone. This shields the device’s back while you hold it, providing protection for your hand without compromising radiation safety for the rest of your body due to the maintained distance.

By following these simple guidelines, you can maximize the benefits of the QuantaCase and ensure you’re minimizing radiation exposure during everyday phone use.

Truthful Marketing & Real-World Radiation Protection with QuantaCase:

Radiation shielding, even when capable of blocking up to 99% of radiation, doesn’t translate directly into 99% protection in real-world use. Drawing a simple analogy, think of shadows: they aren’t voids of light but areas with reduced line-of-sight light in the visible EMR spectrum – envision an eclipsed area. Similarly, a case claiming 99% protection based on its shielding capacity alone is 100% misleading.

With 25 years of design experience behind it, QuantaCase focuses on practical and effective radiation protection. It’s thoughtfully designed to let users orient the most shielded part towards deflecting the most intense radiation, ensuring effective redirection by having properly informed QuantaCase users. This approach offers a more realistic and honest layer of protection 100% grounded in principles of electromagnetic theory and optimally places radiation-impeding materials for the utmost user benefit. Beyond its radiation protection utility, it enhances phone usability with unique features and aids in single-handed phone access.

The QuantaCase, with its blend of science, technology, and design, stands as an exemplar in the realm of phone accessories. It’s not just a case; it’s a shield, RFID protection, a stand, and a statement. A statement that you prioritize your health, without compromising on functionality or style. Don’t just protect your phone; protect yourself with QuantaCase.


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