Vehicular Faraday Effect

Where your phone is located in the car can improve signal strength and reduce radiation trapped inside the car.

Because most vehicles have metal roofs and largely come with factory tinted glass, your vehicle can act as a Faraday cage and concentrating reflector, amplifying RF wave density like a microwave oven, not letting the RF radiation escape through the metal body and tinted glass. A Faraday effect can intensify EM exposure with much higher levels of microwaves over ambient levels.  It’s highly recommended you use an antenna kit or car kit to wave guide (transport) the RF Radiation outside the vehicle to prevent amplification of microwave radiation exposure.

NOTE: Most newer phones do NOT support the use of hard wired external mount vehicle antennas. (best option)

Regardless of cell phone make or model, to keep a cell phone operating at its lowest power out-put level (when several cell phones could be in a vehicle at the same time).  The best you can do here is install a “Cell Phone Car Mount Passive Repeater Antenna”.  This will keep any smartphones inside a vehicle from using their highest levels of RF radiation to communicate with a cell phone tower when a Faraday effect is the cause of the weak signal connection.

Putting the phone on air-port mode, and taking care of any phone calls after you arrive at your destination is the most suggested thing to do.   Avoid distractions and radiation at the same time.

However if that isn’t an option,  placing the cellphone in arms reach, as far forward and to the center of the dash as possible, allows for the maximum amount of radiation to escape the passengers compartment without being deflected by the metal surrounding vehicle passengers. 

Windshield Mount Cell Phone Holders get RF SAFE Approval for this reason!


Smartphone Radiation In CarCurrents Flowing On A Vehicle With Antenna Located Inside The Vehicle.

Cell Phone Rear View Mount Antenna RadiationNear-Fields Inside An Automobile With Antenna In Rear View Mirror

Human RF Exposure Increases In CarCurrents Flowing On A Person With An Antenna Located Inside The Vehicle