silver rf shielding fabric for smartphone flip
DIY Make Radiation Shielded Flip Case For Smartphonerf shielding fabric 6x4in for cell phone case

Radio Frequency Radiation Shielding Fabric

This space age shielding material easily cuts to fit most cell phone shielding needs. Line your purse or handbag, even make a custom cell phone flip case shield.  Silver Plated RF Shielding Fabric 8×4 inches

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Product Description

Stretchy silver coated sheer nylon weave. Will shield low intensity radiofrequency and microwaves (with a
shielding effectiveness of >50 dB from 30 MHz – 3 GHz) Create your own cell phone radiation shield designs. Many uses

Base Fabric: knit nylon
Yarn, trilobal nylon: Pa6 – 20Fl denier
Substrate: nylon
Temp Range: -30° to 90°C
Metal Coating: Silver
Metal Purity: >99%
Electrical Resistance <0.5Ω
Shielding Effectiveness 30MHz-3GHz:* >50 dB

Care Instructions:
Wash in warm water, mild soap.
Air dry. Do not apply heat. Do not iron.
Washing will eventually degrade silver coating