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Video recorded Aug 7th, 2020 by John Coates, who founded RF Safe online in 1998. A tragic end and a new beginning for RFSAFE during coronavirus lockdown 2020! Be a part of the RF SAFE 2021 reboot, partnered with Quanta X Technology and FUV SAFE for a bright, healthy future thanks to the Founder of RFSAFE’s 25 years in EMR biological effects research since the loss of his newborn child Angel Leigh Coates’ death was attributed to very high RF/MW/EMF. https://www.rfsafe.com/daughter-heave…​


Coates has now shed a lot of new light on the magnitude of recent discoveries by FAR UVC Light Manufacturers in a century’s long battle with airborne bio-hazards. One UVC’s role in germicidal applications has been critical, and as this new FAR-UV technology evolves into a human-safe germicidal wireless frequency for data communications – UVGi-Fi technology may be the endgame in the age-long influence airborne virus infections have on a human. in large part, we owe who we are to viruses’ DNA. They have played a large part in human evolution. We don’t need random chances of infection making edits to our human genes. We can keep our genes safe, and ourselves protected submerged in the correct wavelength of EMR, aka Far-UVC light. These will be the topics covered at FUV SAFE on a newly discovered 23 nm window in the electromagnetic spectrum known as Far-UVC (fuvsafe.com) that has been confirmed human safe and beneficial for all advanced life – get ready for 7Gnow!


By labor-day, the Founder sent this email to all past customers informing them he wasn’t able to get RF Safe restarted by himself. Even made a plead for help that was only met with predatory offers from those it was discussed with on partnering for a speedy recovery. Link to the email post


Notice in the 23 yr old post (first link above), Coates said, “at the same token, some EMFs have shown healing properties at certain frequencies.” Well, it took 23 years for confirmation of this 23nm window (filtered between 207nm-230nm) far-UVC in the electromagnetic field spectrum that can safely battle airborne viruses. RF Safe is a mission created in honor of Coates departed newborn July 23, 1995, and this mission will continue now with a narrow 23nm wavelength band of light for all. Starting with Far-UVC Excimer bulbs (most mature tech) while welcoming Far-UVC LED technology in 3rd QT 2021! Stable solid-state Far-UVC LEDs will mean linear improvement, and UVGi-Fi being preferred over Li-Fi technology for several advantages. Far-UVC germicidal communications UVGi-Fi is the only healthy way to go for humanity’s next generation of IoT!

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