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UV-C Corn Light QuantaBulb 60 Watts 254 nm UV-C Ozone Free U10-60W Smart Fixture



Beware of low-cost LED Corn Bulbs – Our products utilize commercially produced low-pressure mercury quartz bulbs.  The device has been independently tested with documented results for viral and bacterial sterilization effectiveness.

  • Commercial rated germicidal ultraviolet corn bulb light for clinical and professional use.
  • Designed with safety as the priority, with a remote control to unlock and set cycle times, with 20-second delayed start-up
  • Microwave and (3)PIR Sensor built-in for auto-shutoff for people and pets.
  • Fits standard US e26 light fittings – must be mounted pointing down
  • US compliance with FCC, UL, and EPA Listed, CE and RoHS certified.
  • All-Purpose UVC sterilizing lamp: can use for bedroom, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, garage, factory, office, school, workshop, etc.
  • Utilizes (3) 253.7nm low-pressure mercury quartz tube lamps the industry standard for biological pathogen sterilization.
  • Input Voltage(V):AC100-120V( ± 10%)
  • Warranty(Year):1-Year
  • Lifespan (hours):9000
  • Place of Origin: EPA Est. No
  • Brand Name: QuantaCorn UVC Corn Light
  • Application: Home,  Hotel, Office
  • Power Supply: AC
  • Portable: yes
  • UVC Germicidal Lamp Source: Quartz Tube
  • wavelength(nm):254
  • UV Optiical Power(μW/cm2):310
  • UVC Germicidal LampAppplication Area(㎡):20-45
  • Switch Mode: Remote Control
  • Rated Power:80w
  • Base Type:E26, E27, E40, E39
  • Tube type: quartz/ozone free
  • Mounting: Tripod, Eye-hook socket
  • Power:80w
  • Body: Reflecting ALU ADC12
  • Function: Remote control
  • advantage: Built-in microwave PIR sensor

Lamp Specifications


Specifications Data
Lamp Type UVC
Voltage 120V AC
Color White
UVC Wavelength 254 nm
Beam Angle 360°
Warranty 1 Year Warranty