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D-I-Y Shielded Case Smartphone Radiation Shields For Samsung Galaxy

D-I-Y Shielded Case Smartphone Radiation Shields For Samsung Galaxy

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Assembly time 3 minutes. DIY Kit Contents:

1 Phone Case

1 Custom cut Peel n Shield

(DIY) Do it Yourself, not the right option for you?

Fully manufactured F-Series (Folio) and G-Series (Graphene) anti-radiation cases are available.

Learn the difference between RF Safe F-Series vs G-Series Phone Radiation Cases


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This DIY anti-radiation case kit comes with a custom cut piece of Peel n Shield™ microwave radiation shielding and your choice from several different color cases for each model smartphone. The world’s best phone shield designed by RF Safe provides maximum radiation protection from cell phone RF under multiple usage scenarios.

  • Radiation protection when carried in pocket or purse.
  • Radiation protection when used at the ear

In this kit, you apply the shielding materials layered under soft foam onto the inside of its flip screen cover.   This provides the highest level of protection from harmful radiation directed at the user.    RF Safe’s flip case shield design keeps a deflective barrier equal to a phone’s dimensions between the cell phone user and cell phone handset itself.


Materials Used for Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding

peelnshield-rf-shielding-fabric-and-silver-shielding-mesh1(a) RF Shielded fabric is made from polyester filaments woven with a blend of micro-fine conductive threads.  The shielding fabric is then combined with a proprietary layer of CR foam rubber designed to keep your phones display screen looking like new while deflecting potentially harmful radiation away.

1(b) Hypoallergenic silver plated RF Shielding Mesh is used around the earpiece speaker hole to eliminate the chances of any skin reactions to metal alloys commonly used in RF Shielding Materials.  Conductive adhesive is used to seamlessly layer the silver shielding mesh and shielded foam together in full compliance of EU Nickel Directive 94/27/EC

Designed to deflect radiation from Galaxy Smartphones

RF Safe flip cover shields were designed out of the basic need to provide consumers a shield to deflect RF radiation emitted from smartphones.  The shield is completely adjustable to stay in-between a cell phone user and smartphone.  Scroll down for video

RF Safe DIY radiation shields utilize the law of reflection to deflect potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation from cell phones which propagate towards the user’s body closest to the phone.

How Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Works


Electromagnetic radiation consists of coupled electric and magnetic fields. The electric field produces forces on the charge carriers (i.e., electrons) within a conductor. As soon as an electric field is applied to the surface of an ideal conductor, it induces a current that causes displacement of charge inside the conductor that cancels the applied field inside, at which point the current stops.

Similarly, varying magnetic fields generate eddy currents that act to cancel the applied magnetic field. (The conductor does not respond to static magnetic fields unless the conductor is moving relative to the magnetic field.) The result is that electromagnetic radiation is reflected from the surface of the conductor:

Flip cover case radiation shields deflect Samsung Galaxy radiation as shown in the illustration.  By simply keeping the shielded flip cover between your body and device, no matter if used to your ear, or carried in your pocket – you have the shielding you need covering the entire front of the phone to deflect potentially harmful radiation.

RF Safe Flip Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy


It is proven that Deflection is the best technology for RF Radiation Protection along with the safest for cell phone users!! 

microwave ovenEverybody knows that products that emit microwave radiation, such as microwave ovens, and even cell phones can be very dangerous if they are not properly shielded. The glass door on the front of every microwave oven has embedded shielding material that deflects radiation back into the cavity of the oven.


It’s for this reason RF Safe flip cases are designed to deflect cell phone radiation away from the user by keeping a reflective barrier between a phone and user. 

Only scientifically proven methodologies for shielding microwave radiation are incorporated into RF Safe cell phone safety accessories. The process RF Safe uses to deflect cell phone radiation is based on very well understood laws of physics first discovered over a 100 yrs ago.  Nothing magical about it!

It was way-back in 1845, that Michael Faraday had performed several experiments showing that the plane of polarization could be altered by magnetic fields which led to the discoveries that are used today shielding cell phones over one hundred years later…..



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