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2.5mm Mono Air Tube Headset (Single Bud)

2.5mm Mono Air Tube Headset (Single Bud)

The RF Safe Air Tube headset was developed with air tube acoustic technology to keep potentially harmful radiation away from your head. This technology utilizes a state-of-the-art enhanced sound chamber which delivers crystal clear sound through an air-filled wireless tube (similar to a doctor’s stethoscope). By replacing the wire with air tube acoustic technology, the RF Safe Headset reduces RF exposure to the head!

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Headset RadiationConventional Headsets use wire to deliver sound to the earpiece and may also deliver electromagnetic radiation directly to your head into your ear
RF Safe HeadsetThe RF Safe Air-tube headset delivers crystal clear sound through an air-filled wireless tube, which reduces the possibility of hazardous RF radiation exposure

The 2.5mm RF Safe air tube headset incorporates some of the most durable electronic components on the market today. Sleek and sophisticated in design, the 2.5mm RF Safe Air Tube Headset is the new standard by which all new radiation safe headsets will be measured.

As cellular phone use increases throughout the world so do concerns about the potential health effects of electromagnetic radiation. The 2.5mm RF Safe Air Tube  Headset was developed with these issues in mind!

Sophisticated, durable, comfortable and most important RF SAFE!




RF Safe Headset Features:


  • Custom Molded – Lightweight Earpiece
  • RF Safe’s lightweight air tube acoustic technology sound delivery
  • State-of-the-art sound chamber with enhanced acoustic technology
  • Available in single earbud (mono) version

This stylish RF Safe air tube headset is available in 2.5mm version, which will fit older phones with a 2.5mm jack.


Better Safe Today…Than Sorry Tomorrow:

This HANDS-FREE headset with air tube technology is designed to keep potentially harmful radiation away from your head. By using an air-tube to conduct the sound to your head, there are NO electrical components conducting sound to your head. Much like a Doctors stethoscope, only an air tube is used to conduct sound to the earpiece.



Mono Earbud



Acoustic sound chamber replaces electrical components.





Mono Air-Tube



Crisp clean sound is delivered to your ear via the air-filled wireless tube from state-of-the-art speakers preventing microwave radiation exposure.




Function Key and Mic

Function Key and Mic – Allows for true hands-free communication. In the rare occurrence that someone is unable to hear you well simply hold this closer to your mouth as you speak. After inputting the number you wish to call press on the function key to dial the intended number (or use your phones dial button as normal). While a call is in session pressing this key again will end the call.




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