Older Samsung Phones Receive Galaxy S23 Camera Features

A Comprehensive Guide For Samsung Camera Upgrade

Great news for Samsung Galaxy phone users! Several camera features introduced with the Galaxy S23 series earlier this year are now coming to older Samsung phones. According to a post by a moderator in the Samsung Community forums, other Galaxy models are set to receive some of these new camera functionalities, and we have all the details for you.

Which Camera Features Are Coming to Older Galaxy Phones?

Here’s a breakdown of the new camera features that are making their way to older Samsung Galaxy models:

1. Pro Photo and Video Mode for the Front-Facing Camera

Galaxy S22 series and Galaxy Z Fold 4 users can look forward to a pro mode for both shooting video and taking photos. This feature allows for more precise control over camera settings, such as exposure, focus, aperture, and ISO, via the Expert RAW app.

2. Astro Hyperlapse

This feature enables users to capture an even more sped-up time-lapse video of the night sky, with stars and other celestial bodies visible and moving as the Earth spins. Galaxy S22 series and Z Fold 4 are the only models scheduled to receive Astro Hyperlapse for now.

3. More Seamless Transitioning Between Cameras

Samsung is working on delivering smoother transitions between different cameras for the Galaxy S22 series, as well as the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip 4. This improvement is already visible on the S23 lineup and is expected to make swapping cameras while shooting video less jarring and noticeable.

4. Improved Photo Remastering

The photo remaster feature uses AI to correct imperfections in photos. Now, it can also correct distortion, erase reflections, and enhance GIFs. Supported models include the Galaxy S22, S21, S20, and Note 20 series, as well as all Z Fold and Z Flip phones, except the first ones.

5. A More Powerful Search in the Gallery App

The Gallery app will now be more capable of using keywords to find what you’re looking for. This update is coming to the same phones that support the photo remastering improvements.

6. Auto Framing

The Galaxy S22 series is getting the S23’s Auto Framing feature, which can single out people inside a shot and zoom in digitally to place them in the center. Tracking Shot, a function tied into Auto Framing where the user can select a specific person for the camera to focus on and frame, is also coming to the S22.

7. Image Clipper

Image Clipper allows you to cut out a specific person or object from a photo and send/download it as a separate image. This feature is already available on the S22 series but will be also coming to all Samsung foldables except the original ones, as well as each flagship phone from the Galaxy Note 20 and newer.

Upgrade Your Photography Experience with These New Camera Features

With the addition of these camera features, Samsung is ensuring that its older Galaxy models continue to provide users with a cutting-edge photography experience. Keep an eye out for updates to your Galaxy phone, and get ready to explore new possibilities in mobile photography.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which older Samsung phones will receive the Galaxy S23 camera features?

Several Samsung models, including the Galaxy S22 series, Z Fold 4, Z Flip 4, S21, S20, and Note 20 series, will receive various S23 camera features. However, the specific features available for each model may differ.

2. When will these camera features become available on older Samsung phones?

While there is no specific release date, Samsung is expected to roll out these camera features through software updates in the near future. Keep an eye on the Samsung Community forums for any announcements.

3. Will all older Samsung phones receive the same camera features as the S23?

No, not all older Samsung phones will receive the same features. The availability of specific features will depend on the capabilities of each phone model.

4. Is there a way to know if my Samsung phone will receive a specific camera feature from the Galaxy S23?

For details on which features are coming to your specific phone model, keep an eye on Samsung’s official announcements and check the Samsung Community forums for updates.

5. What is the Expert RAW app?

The Expert RAW app is a separate application that provides more advanced control over your Samsung phone’s camera settings, such as exposure, focus, aperture, and ISO. It works in conjunction with the Pro Photo and Video Mode feature.

6. How can I access the new camera features on my Samsung phone once they become available?

Once the camera features become available, they will be included in a software update for your phone. After updating your phone, the new features should be accessible through the default camera app.

7. Are the Galaxy S23 camera features exclusive to Samsung phones?

Some features may be exclusive to Samsung phones, while others may be found on other smartphone brands as well. However, the integration and implementation of these features are tailored to Samsung’s devices and ecosystem.

8. Will the new camera features affect my phone’s performance or battery life?

While new features may have a slight impact on performance or battery life, Samsung optimizes its software updates to minimize any negative effects on the user experience.

9. Can I manually update my Samsung phone to receive the Galaxy S23 camera features?

Once the update becomes available for your phone, you can manually check for updates by going to Settings > Software update > Download and install. If an update is available, you can download and install it.

10. Are there any prerequisites for receiving these camera features on my older Samsung phone?

Generally, you should have the latest software update installed on your phone to ensure compatibility with the new camera features. Additionally, some features may require specific hardware components that may not be available on older phone models.

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