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RF Safe has become inoperable under the current pandemic conditions. We have been challenged on so many fronts at this point, and I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that I can’t fix this on my own. Without the help of today’s honored laborers, RF Safe can’t be the A+ rated company, it has been known to be for 22 years online.

The loss of all our staff (over 63-65 years old) for their safety and the protection of their love-ones is understandable. A lot of time and money was invested into much more senior staff than you would find at most companies.

After spending a prolonged amount of time quarantined because of our mother-in-law awaiting kidney surgery for several months, then contact restrictions over the weeks before the surgery was finally done.

Not only was I very sick before coming out of the mandatory shut down of businesses, but extremely isolated still for longer than I might have needed to be because of my mother-in-law awaiting surgery.

With no staff to help with the task of the company, and more problems piling up by the second, to stop RF Safe from becoming a train wreck, I desperately need a conductor and crew. Losing my staff was in a way a blessing because I would have gotten them sick. Thank God for the timing of the shutdown; it was undoubtedly a lifesaver in my book.

I thought I could somehow get caught up if I could just shake being sick and just work hard enough to replace everyone I had hired to do the great jobs they did. I approached this with great optimism that I could do it as I felt better – reality started to kick in that the people I had working for me were invaluable and overwhelmingly crucial for the continued operation RF Safe.

This email will be seen by every customer we’ve had in over 22 years, more people than have attended every Trump rally and boat parade since the pandemic began. I am praying that someone out there hears my plead that I can not do this alone!

I am willing to give up a considerable amount of ownership in the world-renown RF Safe brand that generates thousands of organic visitors a day.

RF Safe is my baby too, started in 1998 after the loss of my first child, which was attributed to an occupational (very high) MW radiation exposure. I’ll do whatever it takes to continue the valuable service RF Safe provides by creating educational content and designing products with a purpose to protect our quality of life, based on solid physics and testing.

Now I’m almost 50, and God blessed me with the most amazing gift, a second daughter Melanie Coates; she’s 2 1/2 now, and never grasped why I was not coming out of the room or why mom handed me meals through the window.

I’m mentioning my second daughter because I’m not sure how close to dying I was on this first go around, and I have to admit to all of you that I am too scared even to try going through a hiring process. I could never imagine me saying this. I’ve been hiring people most all my working life!

Statistics, odds, and risk factors mean a lot to me, more than ever these days. I have a host of the worst risk factors that aren’t keeping the odd’s in my favor if I were to start hiring. In my case, that is the removal of my left kidney, with that came managing high blood pressure has been an issue since the surgery back in the ’70s. Maybe everyone else was asymptomatic, or isolation worked, and they stayed healthy, at this exact time, I don’t know.

I do know that the cry I could hear from the other side of the house from my daughter for her daddy seemed like a preview from a nightmare of me being gone already. I just wanted to be able to go to her, pick her up, and assure her everything was ok. Not being able to hold her felt more painful than the unknown, I faced falling painfully ill.

That said, I’m downright scared to go through that again. At first, I thought, maybe this was a good thing, while rough, I thought to myself surviving means I have immunity that I’d be lucky to have early on for the safety of others around me as this will most likely going to be around for years to come. I’d have to get back into the population of people asap to get RF Safe fully functional again.

This is where I’m very sorry to anyone inconvenienced by the shutdown and my personal inability to fix the situation in a timely manner. If you have a product that hasn’t shipped yet, please know your order is not lost. Rf Safe has to overcome many significant challenges for the company’s mission to survive.

My biggest problem there is no sure bet that I have strong immunity, or that it doesn’t change enough in the next several months to be a moot point what immunity I might have. The only 100% sure thing is I want to see my daughter grow up!

I also want RF Safe, something I’ve spent the last 22 years of my life on to survive in the memory of my first daughter. I still have the first post I made in 1998

I want to thank those that I’ve spoken with who have even offered sizable donations. It touches my heart in a way God’s love is so apparent, a true testament of the true goodness in people. I could not accept these offers because I still need people with the skill-sets and financial means to rebuild RF Safe’s infrastructure for the pandemic era in-which we have entered.

Our business model of having a brick-n-mortar location (officially closed) and online presence needs an overhaul to remote distribution, work from home support, or whatever the best options are available to ensure RF Safe visitors and our highly valued customers are afforded the highest quality products and customer service.

While in lockdown and quarantine, I feel I have had an Isaac-newton moment… it’s well-known he delivered his best work as a result of quarantine time from the plague. I have some great ideas.

Please help me keep innovation going in RF Safety! This opportunity is for someone that genuinely has the means to take on such a corporate task with my full guidance and support available 24 hrs a day!

I am not opposed to several shareholders/owners; however, we would need someone with that skill set to set up the company structure and hire third-party accounting companies if the shareholder option is viable.

Please help me fix RF SAFE! Anything is on the table providing we can quickly restore RF Safe operations to pre-pandemic levels, and beyond in quality and service; please send your partnership suggestions or comments to

While in isolation, I did work on a relatively quick project that was a brilliant idea by the wonderful mother of my daughter that came about as a result of her doing everything she could to keep the rest of our household healthy. She’s truly amazing! Not only did she take over the household, protect our family when I was the one putting them all at risk of getting sick.

Katie took her idea and turned it into a fantastic tool to help others that use UVC in the disinfection process just as she did.

I think it is essential everyone knows UVC is really the big guns, and combined with ozone, it can be very hazardous. If you don’t have a sick person at home. UV, at least on a large scale for every room daily, could be overkill, and there are safer methods of general disinfection, which are pointed out on her website. She maxed out a few credit cards, but her excellent credit score couldn’t help re-fi the mortgage because we no longer had income. I couldn’t be more proud of her entrepreneurial spirit, use of my contacts she utilized in manufacturing, and her will to protect people under the conditions she faced!

I know it’s not Mother’s day! However, I sure would like to give credit to moms for being the hardest workers “Labors” of all when push comes to shove!!

Sometimes I think I’m smart until she leaves me stunned, stuck in a room by myself, with this out of the blue, great idea, followed by wit, and determination for us to survive, with the goal to help others while everything else is collapsing!

She’s watched me do this business online long enough she just set her mind to do it, (with some of my help), and with the help of my father (retired military), she sourced military expertise and a military-style approach to teaching everyone what she learned through the use of bio-agent defensive strategies.

please visit

The idea she came up with comes from a dislike of a one-time use of anything that goes in the trash. Make that single-use item cost 10 dollars, and she isn’t happy. She did something about it and made it reusable!

I hope you or someone you know can help get RF Safe back on track! I don’t need control over bank accounts or anything like that to the right trustworthy person or company. I will require that my approval will always be needed before adding a new product simply because everything has to be tested first! Quality matters more than anything. It has to be proven to work before RF safe puts its name on it. Just saying, not opposed to new products, if a partner wanted to add something to RF Safe, it just has to go through testing and my approval first. Over the 20-year history of sticking to science that works the best, we can add products as long as it is proven to enhance the quality of life.

Please if you think you are the right fit to help RF Safe, and help forage its direction into the future, contact me below.


John Coates

Founder, RF Safe

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