Unsuccessful Smear Campaign Megyn Kelly Addresses Latest Attempts to Destroy Tucker Carlson and Fox News

Megyn Kelly recently spoke out on the ongoing smear campaign against Tucker Carlson and Fox News, highlighting the failed attempts to destroy Carlson through leaked texts and videos. Despite the relentless efforts to tarnish his reputation, Fox News continues to stand by Carlson, reinforcing the importance of holding the media accountable in the age of smear campaigns.

While the campaign against Tucker Carlson may have caused some fans to turn away from Fox News, it appears that the network’s unwavering support of Carlson has prevented any significant damage. As Kelly questions whether Carlson’s fans will eventually return to Fox, it is clear that the importance of standing by trusted journalists in the face of baseless attacks cannot be understated.

Mark Wahlberg Shares Opinion on Hollywoods Ozempic Craze and Advocates for Healthy Lifestyle

Mark Wahlberg, a 51-year-old actor and fitness fanatic, recently shared his opinion on the latest Hollywood trend of using the weight-loss shot, Ozempic. In an interview with Page Six at Tao’s grand opening of Cathédrale at the Aria Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Wahlberg encouraged people to eat right and exercise instead of relying on Ozempic injections. He emphasized that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the most sustainable route to maintaining health and longevity. Although he does not personally advocate for the use of Ozempic, Wahlberg stated that he does not judge anyone who chooses to take the injections. Ozempic and Wegovy have become popular weight-loss drugs as they are the first drugs proven to aid weight loss by acting like a hormone in the brain that causes a person to feel less hungry and slow the clearing of food from the stomach.

Newly Revealed Jeffrey Epstein Documents Part 2 Deeper Connections with Prominent Figures Including Larry Summers and Woody Allen

Newly released documents on Jeffrey Epstein reveal deeper associations with prominent figures such as Larry Summers and Woody Allen. The Wall Street Journal reports that schedules and emails expose closer relationships between the disgraced financier and a range of high-powered individuals, including the former Treasury secretary and the filmmaker. In one instance, Lawrence Summers sought Epstein’s advice on philanthropy and fundraising for his wife’s online poetry project, eventually resulting in a dinner meetup at a restaurant in Brookline, Massachusetts. The documents also divulge Epstein’s private calendar, highlighting noteworthy names such as the CIA chief and Goldman Sachs’ top lawyer. Despite past criminal charges, these newly revealed Jeffrey Epstein documents demonstrate that he maintained long-standing relationships with powerful figures.

Fired Fox News Host Tucker Carlsons OffCamera Remarks Revealed in Leaked Video Derogatory Comments About Fans and Objectification of Women

Recently, a leaked video has revealed shocking off-camera remarks made by former Fox News host, Tucker Carlson. Fox News has since responded by firing Carlson following the release of the video. In the leaked video, Carlson is heard making derogatory comments about fans, referring to them as “post-menopausal.” Additionally, he objectified women, making inappropriate comments about an unnamed woman being “yummy.” This behavior is unacceptable and raises questions about the implications of Carlson’s actions on Fox News and the media industry at large. The revelation of this video serves as a reminder that the public expects professionalism and respect from those in the media spotlight.

Tucker Carlson Criticizes Fox Nation Streaming Service in Newly Leaked Video

Recently leaked video footage shows former Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticizing the network’s streaming service, Fox Nation. Carlson, who produced content for the service during his tenure at the company, expressed frustration with both its infrastructure and content. In the leaked footage, Carlson asserts that Fox Nation’s site is difficult to use and that its content is comparable to “Lifetime movies”. He also suggests that Fox Nation is not popular, asserting that “nobody watches it because the site sucks”. The video was released by Media Matters for America, a liberal media watchdog group that tracks conservative media. Carlson’s remarks have sparked controversy, with many media outlets reporting on the story.

The Super Mario Bros Movie Leaked in Full on Twitter Thanks to Exclusive Feature

In a surprising turn of events, the Illumination film “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” was leaked in its entirety on Twitter over the weekend. The leak was made possible through a feature available exclusively to Twitter Blue subscribers, which allows them to upload high-quality videos of up to one hour in length. The movie was posted in two parts by a Twitter account with 1.1 million followers, and it remained online for at least seven hours before being taken down by Twitter moderators. According to Forbes, the video had already received at least 9 million views before it was removed. This leak has generated concern about Twitter’s moderation system, especially in light of recent layoffs that have affected the company’s content moderation team. Universal Pictures, the distributor of the film, has not yet commented on the leak. Despite the leak, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” has become the first animated movie since the pandemic began to gross over $1 billion at the global box office.

Willie Nelson Celebrates 90th Birthday with AllStar Lineup Featuring Snoop Dogg Chris Stapleton and More

Legendary musician Willie Nelson celebrated his 90th birthday with a star-studded lineup at the Hollywood Bowl, featuring Snoop Dogg, Chris Stapleton, and a host of other musicians. The two-night event, titled “Long Story Short: Willie Nelson 90,” was a powerful tribute to the country music icon, with the late-breaking additions to the bill making it a weekend to remember. Musicians like Kris Kristofferson, Rosanne Cash, Tom Jones, and Bob Weir took the stage to perform some of Nelson’s classics and celebrate his long and illustrious career. Nelson eventually made his way to the stage, joined by fellow music legends Neil Young, George Strait, and Snoop Dogg, to perform some of his most iconic songs, including “On the Road Again” and “Happy Birthday to Me.” The weekend also saw performances by Beck, Dave Matthews, Sheryl Crow, and many more, making it a truly epic celebration of music and friendship.